Founded in 1960 by Soli Kelaty, Attic Rugs has been a trusted name in the flooring industry, particularly in consumer rugs, for over 5 decades. Since its foundation, the family-run company has supplied major retailers in the UK and across the world, manufacturing, distributing, and importing high-quality rugs. It serves both the local and international market.

Attic Rugs are known the world over for its design and innovative approach to consumer rug production and distribution. The company is a pioneer in commercial fashion focused rugs, a dynamic force that showcases how their rug collection can compete in a rapidly evolving global marketplace.

The company has a head office in Manor House, North London and has two large warehouses where all the magic happens, including stock holding and distribution.

Attic Rugs Production and Design

As a global company, Attic Rugs has international design & buying teams based in key locations where materials are sourced and products are distributed. They have an office and fulfillment centre in China where inspection, labelling and packing of all Chinese range of rugs are managed. They also have an office and design studio in India where specialist staff takes care of the company’s Indian operations. This enables Attic Rugs the flexibility to deliver and respond quickly.

In terms of designs, they are inspired by the East’s rich weaving traditions. Each piece in the collection bears a colour and style that will add a touch of drama and an abundance of elegance and luxury in any room.

Some of their collections include:

Modern Living that was primarily produced in China. Each rug is made from hand-tufted acrylic with vibrant colours and unique patterns you would want to flaunt. Because the rugs are versatile, they will work with any pre-existing décor.

Texture, as the name implies, refer to a selection of textured rugs, some of which are made of hide and skin. They are what you need to give plain floorings texture.

Contemporary Home collection consists of wool rugs that are made using knotting and hand-tufting techniques from China and India. Designer Jeff Banks was commissioned to produce this range of timeless collection.

Hand Knotted rugs are made using the process of traditional weaving, resulting in consumer rugs with superior quality. They are not only soft to the touch but long-lasting as well.

With a vast collection of consumer rugs, Attic Rugs has a lot of gorgeous products in store for you. The company has also branched out to cater to the film and TV industry with a new venture Neasden Studios.

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