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UK car manufacturer Aston Martin has gone on to develop some of the most elegant high performance cars of the modern era. Aston Martin have gained a grand history for creating unforgettable designs. However, although they will always be recognised for designing great cars it would seem that they also have a talent for producing beautiful looking furniture.

Made in Italy and designed by the same designers that created the Lamborghini interiors range, the new Aston Martin furniture collection comprises a selection of unique and elegantly crafted pieces. The collection includes:

  • Distinctive leather armchairs
  • Sleek two drawer cabinets
  • Unique aluminium desks
  • A luxury collection of 3 seater sofas
  • Contemporary leather covered recliner chairs
  • Edgy and contemporary living room lamps

Upon initial inspection of the new Aston Martin range it is clear to see that meticulous attention to detail has been taken to create a range that is not too far removed from the styling that has made Aston Martin so famous.The pieces have been designed around a range of sleek materials including Carbon Fibre and Sealed Aluminium and have been beautifully finished with luxury hides or boiled wool.

In addition to this many of the pieces boast a drum dried ariline leather finish which has been elegantly apolstered over each of Aston Martin’s bespoke chairs. This comes in a range of colours including black and tan.

Furthermore, they have made an extra effort to ensure there is consistent branding and a series of stunning finishing touches to each piece of furnture. For instance, the aluminium desk has been brilliantly crafted around the sleek flowing lines that are consistent with Aston Martin’s car designs and have been finished with a stunning push button mechanism to open and close the single lockable drawer.

If you’re an Aston Martin enthusiast or simply appreciate the finer pieces of furniture then this new range could be just what you’re looking for.

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