If you’re after furniture pieces that are not only reliable but also have an impeccable design, look no further than the renowned Bontempi Casa brand. To help you get started, we’ve handpicked some contemporary pieces including chairs, tables and sideboards for you to choose from.

Alessandro and Giancarlo Bontempi Casa established a small furniture production house in 1963, which was limited to the manufacturing of small furniture items for no more than 200 customers. Since its inception, and for more than 50 years, Bontempi Casa has been the advocate of pushing the design envelope with lifestyle insights and global trends.

From humble beginnings, the company cultivated a devoted following and has since then grown into a world-renowned modern furniture brand. Over the past five decades, Bontempi Casa has experienced significant growth and has successfully solidified its place within the industry as one of the leading furniture design brands. The only difference between Bontempi Casa’s past and present is the size and collective experience which has grown expeditiously, while staying true to its design philosophy. The brand has strived to create innovative pieces which are the perfection fusion of beauty, comfort and functionality.

Bontempi Casa furniture at FCI London

The brand’s passion lies in its aim to transform raw materials into unique design concepts. The hardworking and committed team of workers cooperate with departments in a way that enables them to fulfil customer expectations and also improve their skills on a daily basis. Each product manufactured by Bontempi Casa has innovation at its core. All furniture items and the processes used to create them are the outcomes of extensive research by the brand to analyse culture, design, evolving trends and customer demands. This research is the cornerstone of their design philosophy and what ultimately translates into refined furniture. It has consistently enabled Bontempi Casa to create on-trend products with the highest quality standards. Bontempi Casa’s designers continually travel around the world for inspiration and conceptualise various designs based on these enlightening finds. These are then brought back to the production house for assessment. From here, the internal work on these designs begins, each one a masterpiece in its own right.

The brand is also a keen investor when it comes to technology. Each year, Bontempi Casa ensures it updates its tools and machinery to stay abreast of the trends. This consistent alignment results in innovation and the brand’s forward-thinking outlook. This investment into technology has led to a continuous improvement of quality standards of the furniture manufactured by the Bontempi Casa.

The brand is committed to sustainability and the preservation of the environment. To this end, it ensures that all processes are eco-friendly and sustainable particularly the materials that are used in the creation of these contemporary furniture pieces. The selection for the wood used by Bontempi Casa for the manufacturing of its products is subject to strict environmental, social and economic standards. This demonstrates Bontempi Casa’s unyielding commitment to the design and production of outstanding furniture, but also its commitment to ensuring the responsible use of the resources available. The team behind Bontempi Casa works tirelessly to develop concepts that suit any environment and space and that is aligned to the brand’s philosophy of refinement. The conversion process of raw materials into a refined product has the objective of manufacturing an item that reflects excellence. The Bontempi Casa vision is to furnish its customer’s living space in a manner that makes it pleasant and cosy and allows one to create the perfect ambience according to their taste.

Bontempi Casa furniture at FCI London

The Millennium table by Bontempi Casa provides the perfect fusion of modern design and simplicity. The top of this table is available in different materials such as solid wood, veneer with edge in solid wood, glossy glass, ceramic and marble. This diverse range of materials allows you to choose the top which will best complement the interior of the room. The product is also available in various sizes to help you choose the one which will fit perfectly in your living space while giving the room some space to breathe. The main characteristic and selling point of this article is the base which makes it unique and allows the possibility of using every inch of this masterpiece.

Bontempi Casa furniture at FCI London

The Olimpia Ceiling Light by Bontempi Casa can complement the setting with the Millennium table. This product is a pendant hanging light made out of lacquered metal and takes the form of an abstract geometrical cage. This is a very trendy item as it adds a hint of minimalist style to a dining arrangement.

Bontempi Casa furniture at FCI London

Zac by Bontempi Casa is the ideal desk to help you create the perfect study corner in your home office. This product is a practical option as it can be simply positioned against a wall or flawlessly used to disguise a dead corner space. This desk has an ergonomic design as it has the perfect height to provide a comfortable seating position. It comes with two metal trays and two wooden drawers with ample space for you to store your files. Zac seems to be one of the most accommodating items from the Bontempi Casa collection as the frame attached to it is available in more than 10 different materials which you can choose according to your style and preference. The top is available in natural oak, spessart oak and elm, which you can customise into a highly-personable product that caters to your whim.

Bontempi Casa furniture at FCI London

The Wing shelf by Bontempi Casa , gives customers the ability to create storage as well as a modern composition by embellishing the walls of their living spaces no matter how big or small. This modular finishing is an adaptable item as it is self-adjustable, both horizontally or vertically. The back of the shelf is made out of super marble while the side panels and frame itself is carved out of transparent glass. This glossy shelf can also be used as a purely decorative item in your room with a vase or two on top, should you not wish to use it for storage purposes.

Bontempi Casa furniture at FCI London

For an ideal, contemporary dining room setting, the upholstered Aida chair by Bontempi Casa is the perfect option. This chair has a simple design that is mixed with a curvy seat and slender legs. The frame of the product is available in lacquered and chrome metal. The seat and back padding are available in a variety of colours, which you can choose according to the interior of your dining room.

Bring home exquisite Bontempi Casa furniture.

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