FCI London is proud to add the prestigious Italian brand, Bamax, to its remarkable and luxurious furniture collection.

If you’re looking for high-quality furniture for your bedroom, living room, or your office, we have some excellent picks from the Bamax catalogue that will prove to be a reliable investment for you.

The Italian brand has been in existence for more than four decades. It is still manufacturing furniture using the same traditional, expert skills, that have aided it in keeping the tradition alive. Bamax was launched in a very small town in Italy called Asolo, which is also titled as “The Pearl of Veneto” as the place has influenced many artists around the globe which not many other towns have been able to.

The brand specialises in the creation of valuable furniture items that are long-lasting. This successful manufacturing of timeless furniture pieces is the result of extensive research relating to ancient wood crafting techniques along with the new modern methods of using sustainable technologies. The brand’s ethos is to preserve the essence of the natural wood used in the process by combining it with organic dyes that help to maintain the natural scent of the wood.

The formula behind the unique glamour, which is evident in the furniture it produces is the continuing use of the “bassanese” polishing method which ensures that the natural feeling of warmth of the material stays intact. These exquisite furniture pieces produced by the skilled artisans extraordinarily represent both culture and innovation.

The furniture manufactured by the skilled craftsman hired by Bamax has been incorporated into some of the most significant projects in the world. Some popular projects that were furnished by Bamax include the Name Restaurant in Moscow, Private Villa in London and the Bonsai Sushi Lounge. The fact that the Bamax furniture has housed such renowned places serves as a testimony to the popular opinion that the high-end pieces manufactured by the brand are not the kind that disappoint.

FCI London offers its customers a wide range of classic and contemporary furniture pieces produced by Bamax. These furniture masterpieces are a sight to behold as one can see the past and the present creatively fuse. The historical interior is rediscovered by Bamax time and again to manufacture outstanding pieces that preserve tradition by beautifully using innovative methods.

The Bamax furniture collection not only depicts the importance of quality, but every piece created by the brand speaks volumes about the emotions attached to it from the past. With the help of expert hands and minds, Bamax has created numerous products that are not only in compliance with the evolving trends but that are also long-standing.

When it comes to materials, solid wood and veneer are used by Bamax, which results in every product epitomising traditional heritage, quality and resilience. Bamax also owes its success in the furniture industry to its collaboration with high-level designers and engineers, which has enabled it to manufacture distinct products with excellent quality and durability. The solid wood used by Bamax to create furniture pieces is certified by the Forest Management Certification. The brand also adheres to a strict environmental policy by using non-toxic dyes which shows that it is committed to environment protection.

By working with precious materials, Bamax has been able to create some noteworthy furniture items for bedrooms. These furniture items are brimming with inspiration and tradition. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the meticulously detailed patterns contained in these magnificent pieces – such as a magnificent Asolo bed with an Oak base and a velvet quilt draped on it, the perfect way to redefine your bedroom.

The brand also offers a variety of bedside tables and dressers that are capable of not only complementing various interiors but can add a touch of elegance to your room while modernising it culturally.

The Slash Collection has introduced new energy that has modified the shapes of headboards and the sides in a dynamic way. Almost all of the items included in this collection by Bamax are on our best-sellers list.

In addition to this, some jaw-dropping wardrobe designs by Bamax for bedrooms are available as well. From mirrored almirahs, built-in cupboards and walk-in wardrobes, Bamax has created some unique wardrobe schemes that only these expert craftsmen can manufacture from a piece of solid wood.

If you want to add character and personality to your kitchen space, some items from the Bamax collection are quite fascinating. These furniture pieces provide sufficient evidence, at first glance, about the inspiration that the craftsmen have derived from art, fashion and music. Every item shows the dedication from the craftsman to enhance the solid wood by incorporating it with materials such as marble and various metals.

The “Slash Collection” by Bamax has some phenomenal tables and chairs made out of hand-brushed oak fronts which can elegantly enrobe your kitchen.

bamax furniture at fci london
bamax furniture at fci london

The “Diamante” collection by Bamax combines walnut heartwood with lacquered surfaces and presents precious items that are aesthetically suited for modern spaces underpinned by time-honoured traditions.

bamax furniture at fci london
bamax furniture at fci london

A few elegant and classy shelving cases for walls can be found in the Chimera Wall collection. If purchased and used to set up the walls of your living space or your study, these pieces will show the interaction between the ever-changing trends and contemporary designs. A dynamic balance of charm and history is the essence of the products in this collection.

The Bamax furniture collection shows a deep understanding of different tastes and lifestyles which is a fundamental element to create the right item from suitable material according to the preference of the person occupying a specific space. The furniture pieces concocted by Bamax and now offered by FCI London will assist you in decorating and arranging your surroundings to create a lasting impression.

Discover Bamax at FCI London today!

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