When it comes to elegant bathroom furnishings, few brands can prove themselves to be as accomplished as IdeaGroup. And, as the trend for stylishly modern interior catches on internationally, how can bathrooms stay behind? The brand’s philosophy is to address this growing market with the highest quality bathroom furniture. They aim to combine function and form by creating pieces that will not only help customers in their daily lives, but greatly improve their bathroom interiors.

When it comes to design, IdeaGroup follows a contemporary, ultra minimalistic approach. They use just the right amount of angling punctuated with the finest detailing to create products that are awe-inspiring. Their products exude a sense of luxury without making the experience feel overbearing. 

They have a wide collection of bathroom accessories and furniture. If you’re looking to amp up your bathroom with splashes of aesthetic character, then this brand will prove to be perfect for you. 

Introducing IdeaGroup Bathroom Furnishing

IdeaGroup focuses on producing designs that will add elegance and grace with minimal effort on your part. The high quality of their materials and production speaks for itself. 

All their products are branded ‘Made in Italy’ with great pride and the promise of quality that comes with it. The company was founded in Northern Italy where it continues to hold its headquarters to this day. 

IdeaGroup products are classified in a range of Ideagroup collections or ‘families’ such as: My Time, Form, Sense, Dogma, Cubik, System and more. Each of these collections uses different materials which emphasise their importance as being more than just an item, but in fact being a part of the design as well.

Introducing IdeaGroup Bathroom Furnishing

Cubik by Idea is a modular collection which uses forty-five degree aluminium door and drawer frames alongside applied glass – with no handles on the outside. They use minimalised lines to emphasise the simple contours. The angular grooves are just as functional as they are simplified. This collections’ modularity offers a lot of flexibility which allows clients to play with their spaces and get creative. Moreover they have a variety of customisable options such as different finishing, glass panelling, modularity and more. A wide selection of materials can be spotted in Cubik products from the centuries old ‘legno fossile’ wood to the newer Ecomalta, Nero-finish aluminium, rovere and HP laminates. The versatility of the materials are mirrored in these products which can blend well with a variety of bathroom interior styles. Items in this collection include suspended cabinets, mirror cabinets, décor and much more.

Introducing IdeaGroup Bathroom FurnishingIntroducing IdeaGroup Bathroom Furnishing

Dogma by Aqua brings muted luxury to simplified bathroom interiors. This collection uses a variety of design elements and materials such as cristalplant washbasins, ‘vintage’ wood tops made of fir and for the first time, aluminium structures that are available in a number of finishes too. Notable products include Grafite and Carrara marble units, integrated basins, and gracefully uncluttered cabinets. This collection is an amalgamation of minimal with sophisticated.

Introducing IdeaGroup Bathroom Furnishing

Dolcevita – another collection by Aqua – indulges even more in the classical aesthetic while still maintaining their contemporary touch. The exquisite collection received the ADI Ceramics & Bathroom Design Award 2017. The delicate curves of the door, the corrugated side panelling, octagonal mirrors and ninety-degree opening side drawers combine a variety of shapes with elements such as ceramic washbasins, metallic colours, integrated LED lighting, and aluminium frames. All these materials are formed into modern shapes but topped with an elegant vintage finish. 

Introducing IdeaGroup Bathroom Furnishing

My Seventy Plus by Idea explores shapes and forms and how they can be utilised while staying à la mode. It features a more softened look with elements such as rounded edges and curvaceous side cabinets; they make bathroom interiors appear more inviting and spacious. Advanced materials such as Aquatek or Aqualux can be used for the wash basins, or you can choose from hundreds of materials and colour options for a tailor-made experience. Open cabinets below the mirrors further enhance the retro appeal of this collection while staying true to the classic IdeaGroup functionality.   

Introducing IdeaGroup Bathroom Furnishing

The Spazio Time collection by IdeaGroup is a little different as it offers some laundry-room solutions as well. Laundry rooms are often ignored but good interior designers recognise every space as important. Spazio time reconceptualises the laundry room as a modern space, complete with built-in appliances, washer cabinets, concealed sinks, closed wall units and tall cabinets. All these little touches ensure that your laundry room remains well-organised and just as tasteful as the rest of your home.

They also have a range of collections by Disenia, catering to varying tastes when it comes to shower enclosures:

  • The Slim collection has sleek silhouettes that are light and durable at the same time. 
  • The Oops cubicles are all about subtlety and are almost invisible due to their bare and chic design. 
  • Quadro, on the other hand, delineates their structures with aluminium frames.
  • Velas is all about curved shapes including a bow-fronted glass, curved hinges and even curved stabilizer bars. 

They have many more collections as well such as Clip, Air, Project, Omega, Flipper, Smart, Focus, Walk-In, Hand and Free. These multiple options guarantee that you find exactly the kind of shower cubicle you have in mind to go with your bathroom aesthetics.

You can even choose from a range of shower trays which further increase clients’ creative control over their bathroom interiors. Piano, Join, Linea, Catino, Street – there are a number of collections that can be tailor-made to your specifications in terms of size and material. They can be installed flush-fitting and subtle or delicately emphasised by leaving them raised.

With IdeaGroup you are guaranteed to make your bathrooms look chic and functional for years due to their high durability. All IdeaGroup products come with a warranty of 30 months under an insurance policy. This extraordinary after-sales commitment proves that the brand provides only the best quality to their customers. 

Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of IdeaGroup and it is for this reason that it’s one of the leading brands in bathroom furniture. Now available at FCI London.

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