Whether you’re an avid cook, an interior design lover, or just a family looking to enjoy their stay in their home, the kitchen is the center of your day to day life. Here, functionality and beauty can be blended to create the perfect kitchen where everyone enjoys making a meal, doing the dishes, and so on.  If you miss it with the kitchen, the other rooms wouldn’t matter most. A nice kitchen means a happy family and a happy family, well; a happy family is the dream of everyone. Now, there are several kitchen designs you can opt for but in this post, we’re going to concentrate on one; contemporary kitchen designs. The contemporary design is a blend and combination of several styles and ideas all made into one. Contemporary designs are bold; they are ever incorporating new ideas without necessarily being limited to a specific way of doing things. Think of a combination of natural materials, neutrals with a pop of colour here and there, clean low lines all incorporated into one design. That’s what contemporary design does; mix, march, balance, perfect.

Contemporary kitchen designs

It is this creativity and boldness that will be needed when designing your kitchen using a contemporary design. But you have to be careful, being random and bold is not enough; you have to know what you want to achieve well in advance. A common rule of thumb in interior designing is that ‘the end is in the beginning.’ In other words, you have to visualize the end result at the beginning of your design phase. Some of the most common kitchen contemporary designs include;

  1. Clean and Straight lines; traditionally, kitchens have been designed in an L shape, or a C shape. But not any longer, current contemporary designs are opting for long and straight lines characterized by tall cabinets, cardboards, and an island in the middle. On the island, you can have your countertops also long and stretching from end to end. The cabinets and cardboards have few handles; they are made to look just long and natural rather than fancy and conspicuous. The reasoning behind is that the long and straight line shouldn’t be interrupted lest they lose their forceful and powerful feel.
  2. Island as dining table; some interior designers are taking contemporary designs a notch higher by designing islands that can double up as dining tables.  Children love sitting high during meal times and the availability of footrests where they can rest their feet makes it the more fun. With the cabinets and cupboards on one side, you can design the dining table on the other side and make it low enough for kids but also comfy enough for an adult. The island could be facing the outside kitchen garden, or have the wall on that side painted with a nice ocean landscape, or use wallpapers.
    Contemporary kitchen designs
  3. Sleek kitchen appliances; modern appliances with a sleek appearance are a nice way of giving your contemporary kitchen a luxurious touch and feel. It is common to find many designers opting for sleek double ovens inside a wall unit or an underbench.  Other home owners will opt to have microwaves and dishwashers hidden in a pantry or an appliance cupboard, rather than displayed openly. Either way, pick sleek and stylish rather than big and noticeable.
  4. The use of different colors; is also a nice way to enhance or compliment your contemporary design of choice.  For instance using white and grey wood can help create a calm and soothing feel inside your kitchen. Avoid bright colors and instead, pick calmer colors like grey, brown, even white.
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