Like everyone, we don’t want to fill our bedroom with old fashioned or itchy kind of furniture, but still struggle to store our items on the open places which make the room unlikely. We as a designers suggests sliding door wardrobes as a solution for fixing all untidy stuffs at your bedroom. All the things you have your room will go behind the doors of wardrobe which looks like you have more free space at your room. Meanwhile, if you have reflective mirror as a sliding wardrobe, then it will give a added look to elements. These sliding door wardrobe will neglect extra drawers and shelves.

sliding door wardrobes


Space And Design:

When you start to take care everything inside your room before you getting it inside will solve the problem of space in your bedroom. As the sliding avoids the opening of the door and congestion within the room between the elements. You will freed up space and can have extra items inside the room if needed. What makes it more comfortable is the design with complete transformation of the bedroom, which meets more than your expectation. The design may wary based on the material and the style you choose to adapt your room, but the look and feel remains the same regardless of the kind you select to transform your bedroom at reasonable price.

sliding door wardrobes transformation

FCI London Designer can help you to select between the materials and budget to select a perfect sliding door wardrobe for your bedroom. You can contact our designers for any details about the wardrobes and other furniture for your home.