Modern fitted furniture has gained a huge popularity across the UK; nowadays most interior designers and furniture dealers will tell you that fitted furniture is the newest kid on the block. While fitted furniture has been with us for long, it’s only recently that most home owners are embracing it for its uniqueness, stylishness, and ability to help utilize all manner of spaces in a room. Modern fitted furniture is your surest bet when you’re looking for a design that is highly customizable and able to perfectly blend in with the overall décor. Whether you’re looking for a modern fitted TV cabinet, kitchen cabinets and drawers, a modern fitted bedroom wardrobe, a built in cabinet to store your toiletries and other accessories in the bathroom; you can never go wrong with fitted furniture. With fitted furniture, you can easily create additional storage space and have it customized to match with your individual tastes and preferences. Modern fitted furniture is available in different designs and finishes, from the contemporary design to a traditional, classic kind of design, oriental design, a combination of all, and so on so forth. What is important is that you ensure you’re picking your furniture from a reputable supplier, a supplier like fci London who has been in this business for over 30 years. As such, you can rest assured that all the modern fitted furniture pieces you’re buying are 100% genuine and original. Fci London has partnered with over 700 of the leading brands in the furniture world; you can always get any designer furniture you’re looking for.

Before you wander into your nearest furniture shop to buy modern fitted furniture pieces; there are 10 things you must always consider;

  1. What do you want to achieve:
    While some home owners may opt for modern fitted wardrobes purely for their ability to help utilize on space, others may be motivated by their stylish and unique looks. The first thing you’ll need to do is ask yourself; why do I need to buy the modern fitted furniture? Can I achieve the same results by opting for other types, for instance the free standing furniture, instead?  Fitted furniture is a long term investment and you want to be sure of what you want even before you start looking around for the best supplier. In most cases, modern fitted furniture will perfectly blend in with the existing décor, for the simple fact that it is highly customizable. Knowing what you want and why you want it is the first step towards ensuring that you find a reputable furniture supplier.
  2. Size of your space:
    The second very important thing to consider is the size of your space. Fitted furniture is best used on awkward spaces, spaces where ordinary, free standing furniture would not fit in so well. Take a moment to measure or get a rough estimate of the distance from one wall to the other and from floor to the ceiling. You’ll need such details when placing your order or asking for customization. Besides, the size and type of space available will also determine the style and design you’ll opt for. Feel free to take a photo or two of your space before meeting your modern fitted furniture supplier; they can rely on such images in helping you find the right furniture.

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  3. Craftsmanship/skills of the furniture dealer:
    When it comes to modern fitted furniture, craftsmanship and skills are everything. Remember, built in furniture requires high levels of precision, creativity, flexibility too. Here at fci London, we have over 30 Years of experience selling high quality fitted furniture across London and beyond. During this time, we’ve been able to work on different spaces, designing different types of inbuilt storage spaces. Regardless of the complexity of the task ahead, we always have solutions in the form of modern furniture and lighting. Mind you, our designers and architects are all members of SBID and BIID.
  4. Turnaround time:
    In most cases, the furniture dealer has the raw materials, the panels are already cut into place and available in different sizes, different widths. You’ll need to make an order and pay a deposit before the manufacturers design and finish up with your furniture. What is the turnaround time? How long does the supplier take to design, assemble, and fit the furniture? Usually, a good company will take 2 to 14 days depending on the nature of the task. The supplier should undertake to complete designing and fitting the modern furniture within the agreed timeframe.
  5. Warranty:
    Good modern fitted furniture is only as good as it is durable. Whether you’re looking to buy designer furniture or otherwise, ensure that you’re buying something that will last and still look great in years to come. In that regard, a good furniture supplier should have confidence in the product they’re selling you, by giving you a guarantee. Most modern fitted wardrobe brands will give you a guarantee of up to 10 years. If a supplier is being no committal or hesitating to give you a guarantee that the furniture is of good quality, it probably means that cheap, substandard materials have been used. Ask your furniture supplier about the wood used to manufacture the fitted furniture, the finish, materials used in making the wardrobe handles and rails, even the lighting used for illuminating the interior. Cheap can be expensive, you don’t want to end up with a modern fitted wardrobe that will cost you more in repair afterwards.

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  6. Budget:
    You’ll need to be guided by a budget even as you look around for the best fitted furniture dealer. How much are you willing to spend on the modern furniture? Designer furniture if often slightly costlier than ordinary furniture. Find out whether your furniture dealer has stocked the designs and brands you’re looking for. When budgeting, remember that some dealers may charge a different fee for fitting the furniture. In other words, you’ll pay for the item at the showroom, then get charged a different fee for having the dealer transport and fit the furniture. It’s always important to seek absolute confirmation from the supplier about what it’ll cost to have the modern fitted furniture made and fitted to your home or office.
  7. Payment mode:
    Most people tend to ignore this factor, but it is very important. Seeing that we’re living in a digital era, shopping online for furniture and other household items is gaining popularity. It’s important that you opt for a payment mode that’s safe, secure, and that’s fair to you as the customer. Never pay the entire amount until the furniture you ordered is ready or has been delivered. Usually, fci London offers a flexible payment method where the customer pays 30% deposit once they’ve placed their order, and the balance cleared as they come to pick the ready item. Like we mentioned earlier, a supplier who’s asking you to pay the entire amount before the modern furniture has been made or delivered to you; such should raise a red alert to you.
  8. Location of Showroom:
    The good thing about a modern fitted furniture supplier who has a showroom  or factory you can pop into, is that you have a variety of items to pick from. Besides, you’re able to meet the manufacturers and share any ideas and suggestions you have pertaining to the furniture you want. Again, the internet is full of hundreds, probably more, of companies across the UK purporting to deal in genuine, modern fitted furniture. Not all are genuine; some are international cons operating outside the country. They pretend to sell you high quality modern furniture imported from abroad; the moment you send deposit money they go missing and block you.  Even after conducting a search online, take time to visit the showroom or factory where the furniture supplier is based. It gives you more confidence knowing that you’re dealing with a supplier located near or around you; it’s even easier passing by and, discussing any changes and modifications needed, and so on.
    buying modern fitted furniture
  9. Partnering with reputable brand:
    One characteristic of all leading modern furniture suppliers is that they have partnered with some of the major, leading brands in the market. Thus, you can get all the major designer furniture brands under one roof. There are dozens of designer companies that specialize in making modern fitted furniture pieces for contemporary styles. Such designer furniture is more stylish, easier to customize so that it blends in with your interior décor.
  10. After sale services:
    Like with every product, it’s perfectly in order to want to make some modifications, repairs, along the way. You may not like how the fitted wardrobe has been painted, or the doors used; maybe you’d have preferred sliding doors instead of hinged ones. There are times your chandeliers and other lighting solutions need an upgrade or repair. All these scenarios are possible and you want to ensure that the supplier you’re dealing with is friendly, cooperative, and reasonable. It’s very important that you build rapport with your modern furniture supplier. You’ve visited the dealer’s furniture showroom in London for instance, and the staff isn’t friendly or even courteous enough to welcome you, chances are that they’d be difficult to deal with in case you have a complaint. The screws on the fitted wardrobe’s drawer handles could get lost, the rail used to hang clothes may become loose or squeaky. A good supplier will always be ready to listen to you and strive to help you. The main point here is that; home and interior designing is a continuous exercise; it’s about evolving with the trends and trying out new ideas. Find a modern fitted furniture dealer who’ll be a reliable partner for all your furniture and interior designing needs.

Fci London, who are we?

  • We’re a professional contemporary furniture dealer located in the heart of London; we’ve been selling high quality furniture for over 30 years now. Over the years, we’ve distinguished ourselves as a reliable partner for home owners and interior designers looking to add glamour and style to their space. Our 20,000 sq feet showroom has a collection of furniture from 700+ brands all from the leading designers in the world of furniture.
  • Our interior designers are some of the best you’ll find anywhere in London, they are able to balance colors and different styles so as to bring out the perfect ambiance of the space. Whether it is modern contemporary sofas, dining chairs, modern interior lighting, painting your space; we are able to breathe fresh air into your overall interior décor.

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  • When it comes to inbuilt storages and fitted furniture, we use the latest 3D visualization to help pick the perfect pieces for your space. Space planning is important and our modern furniture is meant to utilize your space while also bringing in an element of luxury and stylishness. Depending on your furniture choice, we’ll also help you pick the best wallpapers to match with the interior décor. Same applies to lighting; our modern home lighting solutions go hand in hand with our modern designer furniture. Fci London is a one stop shop for all your interior decorating and design needs. We’re open 7 days a week and can deliver our furniture to every part within the UK.
  • Our modern fitted furniture is unique and made to the highest standards, thus ensuring that even after fitting; it’ll still look great years to come. With our 3D visualization technology, we’ll utilize every space when designing the ideal wardrobe for the room. We’re one of the few furniture stores in London offering free design visits, whereby we can dispatch one of our designers to come over to your home or office and get to inspect the space you wish to have the furniture placed. We don’t charge for such visits, our designers are able to see the space you’d want to have the inbuilt storage space built, recommend the best furniture to fit and how to go about it.

We’re offering nice discounts of up to 70% off, get in touch with us today and let’s arrange a meeting at our Showroom. Fci London is your leading modern furniture shop in London and the surrounding areas.