We present to you our new range of outdoor garden furniture. It has been designed to fit every taste and lifestyle and to be placed in every outdoor space. You can use it in the heart of the city, in the confort of your own garden, balcony, terrace, next to the ocean or by the pool and also in other outdoor spaces where you like to relax like next to a lake from the countryside.

Wherever you choose to use it, you can trust that our pieces are designed to beautifully enhance the natural environment of your ideal home and favourite outdoor space, bringing comfort and style closer to your familiy and friends. Everybody can choose a favourite piece from the variety of designs and combination of materials and colours. Conceived to satisfy a variety of aesthetic requirements, the choices range from classic to contemporary, from teak to metal & fibre, whilst carefully maintaining the quality of the design and the excellence of the materials and their longevity.

You can take a first look at them in our showroom. Our design team has selected key pieces from the range that are available in our shop.

Our outdoor garden range is designed and produced in Tuscany by Unopiu. Established in 1978, Unopiu has grown from a small handcraft workshop to the largest and most successful European producer of quality outdoor furniture, offering a truly comprehensive collection of contemporary garden furniture and outdoor structures embracing a variety of styles, materials & tastes.

Know for their innovations, the latest Unopiu concept of Mobile Pergolas creates flexibility in the world of garden structures, usually characterised by their immobility.

Modern Outdoor Garden Furniture Designs by FCI.

All products contain Teak structures. Teak is traditionally known as the best material for furniture, but our new Les Arcs family completely re-invents the solid wood into something new and contemporary.

Behind the elegant design and creativity of the products from outdoor garden range is a well known, highly automated manufacturing giant. In order to produce a high quality, well priced value for money offer, Unopiu is constantly investing in the latest automation technology. This allows them to produce beautifully precise garden furniture, at a price that is excellent value for money. However, they don’t forget about the details that can make a difference and keep the traditional touch of every piece. This makes them so appreciated.

All the woods are pressure treated to best adapt them for an outdoor environment, and carry a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Cleaning and maintenance instructions are provided for all the products within the delivery pack. We also provide an excellent tailor made service where we can produce custom designed pieces for designers, developers and architects, using a host of materials including iron, cast iron, steel, aluminium, both natural fibres like rattan and synthetic fibres like Waprolace.

One important detail when buying outdoor and garden furniture by fci is the delivery time. We guarantee that your order will be delivered in maximum 28 days. The fci team is available to help you select the correct pieces and also help you match our offer to your space and prefferences, so that you can enjoy your new outdoor furniture and have an amazingly relaxing experience with your new garden furniture.

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