Instead of basking in the sunlight, many of us are used to basking in the screen-light all day long, which impacts our physical and mental health, along with our productivity.

We all know that it’s not a great idea to keep ‘screen staring’ all day long, as this has its toll on our mental health and wellbeing. Sadly, we need to be reminded of this more often than we realise, so here are the top 10 reasons to spend more time in your garden:

1. Fix Your Sleep Cycles

If you’ve been having trouble sleeping and waking up on time, then it’s possibly because you’re not getting enough exposure to natural daylight.
Being indoors all day long disturbs the natural sleep cycles or biological rhythms that the human bodies crave and that which are required for good sleep quality and general health. By spending time in the garden, you’ll not just fix your sleep cycles but you’ll also be more alert and productive during the daytime.

benefits of spending time outdoors

2. Get Some Therapeutic Healing

There’s plenty of evidence-based research that proves that spending time with nature has a therapeutic effect – hence relieving stress, anxiety and depression. A UK study from 2016 measured 136 people before and after their gardening sessions and compared them with 133 non-gardeners. It was observed that the individuals who spent time in the garden experienced significantly less depression and fatigue along with more vigour. It was also revealed that the gardening subjects had a much better overall mood and general health.
So if you’re having a bad day or if being stuck indoors is affecting your sanity, it’s time to spend some time in your garden and let nature do its healing.

3. Get The Much-Needed Vitamin-D

Vitamin-D deficiency is more common than ever these days and it’s mainly because we’ve become a generation that is accustomed to ‘indoor living’. When you spend time in your garden, the skin cholesterol is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet B rays, which triggers its conversion to Vitamin-D. The deficiency of Vitamin-D can cause many serious health consequences including fatigue, depression and Osteoporosis.
According to one study, people living in the UK need to get at least 13 minutes of sunlight three times a week for healthy bones and Vitamin-D levels. So make sure that you go out more and expose your skin to the sun, especially around midday as UV rays are strongest around noon.

benefits of spending time outdoors
benefits of spending time outdoors

4. Make The Most Out Of Your Workout Sessions

If you work out regularly, try doing 2 to 3 sessions every week in the garden instead of indoors and you’ll notice a difference in both your mood and your energy levels. Of course, working indoors is great too but when you work out in the garden, whether it’s a light jog, meditation, cardio or some aerobic exercises – your energy levels tend to be more higher, encouraging you to lose more calories.
Exercising outdoors also offers the additional benefits that we discussed earlier like relieving stress to a greater extent and getting Vitamin-D, along with building immunity and supporting bone health.

5. Grow Organic

If you’re interested in gardening, you’re probably well aware of how amazingly nutritious and tasty home grown fruit, vegetables and herbs can be. And if you’ve never grown anything before, being in the garden might just be the push that you need.
Gardening is not just a healthy activity but it also encourages you to eat healthier because you realise that there’s nothing better than fresh, homegrown produce. You’ll even notice that homegrown fruits and vegetables have a superior taste than the store-bought ones because you’re getting them fresh from the garden to the table and because you’re in control of the pesticides and fertilizers being used.

benefits of spending time outdoors
benefits of spending time outdoors

6. Increase Your Property Value

A well-maintained and tastefully designed garden can be a great investment as it increases the overall value of your house by up to 20% and in some UK neighbourhoods, by as much as 77%. You don’t necessarily have to go for extravagant investments for this – even simple steps like planting new flower beds, fencing, getting a pergola, buying some modern planters, or adding a water feature can have a huge impact.
In fact, garden landscaping will cost you much less than renovating your kitchen, adding a new walk-in wardrobe or getting a gym but the garden will give you a significantly higher return over any of the other options.

benefits of spending time outdoors

7. Enjoy Quality Family Time

When you get bored of eating indoors, binge-watching TV shows or watching the kids glued to screens all day long, gardens are the best place to bring the whole family together. You can plan a picnic for the whole family or arrange a BBQ. If you have a nice garden kitchen or sitting area then you can go al fresco to enjoy your food in the fresh air.
If you don’t mind getting dirt in your fingernails then get involved in some planting activities with the family.

8. Have Some ‘Me Time’

While family time has its perks, everyone also needs some special time for themselves to feel refreshed and the garden is undoubtedly the best spot in the house for this.
Being outdoors doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to get involved in gardening or planting – you could just relax on your sun-lounger and read a good book, build a birdhouse, cook yourself a nice meal in your garden kitchen, or just lie back in your hammock and stargaze. There are hundreds of different outdoor activities so there’s something for everyone.

benefits of spending time outdoors

9. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Whether you’re growing your own fruit and vegetables in the garden or you’re just getting new trees planted, either way, you’re definitely making a positive contribution to the environment.
Plants absorb carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen that they release through the process of photosynthesis. So by having a well-maintained garden and being an active part of it, you’re making the air cleaner and the world greener by limiting global warming.

10. Keep The Creative Juices Flowing

Have you been struggling with ideas lately? Or perhaps you’re tired of overthinking every little thing? There are many different types of creative blocks and sooner or later they affect us all.
Being outdoors is one of the best ways to beat a creative block because nature comes in so many forms and colours that it is sure to leave you inspired with a fresh perspective. Moreover, such blocks are often a result of physical and mental burnouts so being in your garden and giving yourself a break allows you to start afresh.

Spending time in the garden is about more than just enjoying a good view – it’s something we all need to stay healthy and happy.

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