FCI London is delighted to introduce a wide range of opulent interior pieces by Eichholtz, regarded as the epitome of luxury living. If you are looking for designer furniture pieces that will make your interior setting iconic, Eichholtz is the ultimate style destination for you.

Eichholtz furniture at FCI London

Theo Eichholtz’s trip to Asia, inspired by his passion for collecting unique antiques, marked the beginning of this renowned brand. He was so amazed by the Asian furniture he saw that he started importing it and with it entered the furniture industry. Over the past few decades, Eichholtz has made a significant name in the furniture industry as a well-known designer and producer of luxury furniture, lighting and other accessories.

The brand specialises in creating items that define beauty by incorporating the traditional concepts of art into the modern world demands. Each product manufactured by Eichholtz brings with it the promise of high quality, durability, and unique designs. The brand uses the skills and expertise of more than 100 employees in its warehouse, giving it outstanding opportunities to take up contractual agreements to furnish more than 10,000 restaurants, night clubs and hotels around the globe. The fusion of impressions and ideas derived out of inspiration from various sources around the world is what makes Eichholtz a unique and revered brand in the market.

Eichholtz furniture at FCI London

From residential to commercial projects, Eichholtz ensures that it satisfies its customers’ demands by complying with basics such as comfort, aesthetic, security and privacy. At Eichholtz, a customer’s request is translated into a beautiful, customised solution by applying the design and production teams’ expert knowledge underpinned by extensive research.

A selling point of the furniture and other items by Eichholtz is that a large stock is readily available that you can purchase at FCI London without having to wait for weeks. Interested, and really don’t want to wait. Get in touch with our design experts via virtual consultation and/or book a showroom visit and let’s get you sorted.

The brand creates products ranging from classical and innovative as well as vintage. The design and production team’s unmistakable creativity will definitely give your living or workspace an elegant and distinctive makeover.

For the manufacturing process, Eichholtz still utilises traditional materials such as blown glass, cast copper and cut wood, which is evident from the remarkable quality of their chairs, consoles and all the other items.

Eichholtz furniture at FCI London

From consoles, dining tables, coffee tables to side tables and desks, Eichholtz offers everything that your home needs.

The tables are available in unique and different styles, sizes, finishes and materials. The frames and legs of these items are made out of strong materials such as iron, steel, and wood while the tabletops are carved out of materials like petrified wood, veneered wood, and glass mirror.

The diverse range of tables available at FCI London by Eichholtz can be placed in your home, office, hospitals, restaurants, and apartments. These tables are created in a way that makes them adaptable to all sorts of interior settings.

The Fredo range comprising two alluring coffee tables by Eichholtz is available at FCI London to add a touch of timeless style to your lounge or bedroom. These tables can suit any interior as they are made out of marble with a Nickel finished frame. In fact, this is a popular item from the brand’s collection due to the metallic marble top as it is known to add glamour and style to any room.

Eichholtz furniture at FCI London

The exquisite textures and graceful patterns of the upholstered chairs manufactured by Eichholtz make them a must-have in any interior arrangement. Like the tables, Eichholtz also offers a wide range of chairs, including armchairs, dining chairs, desk chairs, and folding chairs. The brand offers a vast collection of luxury seating options for a reasonable price without compromising quality. These designs are diverse and can be suitable for residential purposes, commercial spaces, hospital arrangements and so much more.

The upholstered Mondial Chaise Lounge displays an excellent combination of design, comfort, and luxury by Eichholtz. This model comes with a soft cushion to provide you with a relaxed sitting arrangement and has an armrest on each side, which can be mounted according to your preference.

If you are in search of an object that will bring a professional charm to your home office or workspace, the Scavullo Desk made out of oak veneer is the perfect option. This desk comes with three drawers that provide the right amount of storage space. The sleek desk has a charcoal finish that enables it to look ethereal in any modern interior setting.

To complement the furniture you purchase from the Eichholtz collection at FCI London, you can accessorise it with the tiered chandeliers manufactured by the brand.

The luxury ceiling lights by Eichholtz will assist you in creating an elegant lighting display in your interior. These ceiling lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting because of the use of LED bulbs. A favourite pick from the lighting collection by Eichholtz is the Chandelier Randall, which comes in a playful design of three rings with a bronze finish. The length of the cables is adjustable, which allows you to hang it according to your choice and add character to a room. This chandelier has integrated LED lights that disperse the right amount of light through the crystal glass.

Eichholtz furniture at FCI London

The latest collection by Eichholtz includes a dining table called Dune. This table is handcrafted by skilled artisans and it’s perfect for indoor spaces. If placed in your dining room, this table will provide ample space with a simple and elegant aesthetic, which is hard to beat. The table is entirely carved out of oak veneer. Pairing this Dune table with the gorgeous retro Grenada dining chairs by Eichholtz will provide you with the ideal, contemporary dining room setting. These chairs have black tapered legs that will provide the ultimate combination with the colour of the table. The seating part of these chairs is upholstered in Grey or Greige velvet and will definitely add a hint of vintage to the dining interior.

To create a focal point in your room, the mirror collection by Eichholtz has several options for you to choose from. These mirrors can be hung on your bedroom wall or in the hallway to add a glamorous look-and-feel to your home’s overall finish.

From dining to living and from bedroom to accessories, Eichholtz has everything to help you create your dream interiors. Available within a short timeframe, no need to wait. Get in touch to order your exquisite Eichholtz piece today.

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