Tonelli Design-Now Available at FCI London

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Tonelli Design-Now Available at FCI London

We are proud to bring the luxury furniture collection by Tonelli Design to FCI London.

Delighted to add Tonelli Design to our Luxury Furniture collection

Tonelli Design is an Italian manufacturer of glass furniture which was founded in the 1980s. The success of Tonelli Design comes from its history of working with esteemed international designers, such as Uto Balmoral, Karim Rashid, Isao Hosoe to name a few, to create contemporary design masterpieces.

Tonelli Design collaborates with these revered designers for their unique vision of reinterpreting glass in a modern way to reshape it into an aesthetically appealing furnishing item. The idea behind this brand’s collection is based on in-depth research which is then utilised in design experimentation by leading designers to produce unique glass-based products.

Tonelli Design Now Available at FCI London

Tonelli has combined Italy’s glass-making tradition with the complex manufacturing by skilled craftsmen, for the promotion of glass culture. In doing so, the company has modernised Italy’s cultural heritage while preserving and safeguarding traditions. This preservation of tradition through innovation has made it the protagonist of the modern world’s furniture industry and it is continuously bringing new and adaptable inventions in glass furniture to the market. It is at the forefront of technology due to a revolutionary technique introduced by the company to the furnishing industry to seamlessly weld glass sheets together ensuring that the transparency of the glass is preserved and to ensure its resistance attribute. After almost four decades, this process to construct artistic pieces has been perfected to provide an exceptional quality of glass products.

Tonelli Design Now Available at FCI London

Tonelli Design offers its customers a range of products that blend perfectly and offers opulence to their homes or offices. The range of products includes stunning dining tables, coffee tables, bookcases and mirrors. Tonelli Design’s commitment to innovation and experimentation is the philosophy on which the company operates.

Furniture made out of glass is an allurement in the modern world as it adds a finishing touch to any residential or commercial interior design project. Tonelli Design’s glass pieces do not muddle the concept of space in a room, in fact it illuminates the space.

Tonelli Design Now Available at FCI London

The brand has a notable catalogue with innovative, versatile pieces that can accommodate both commercial and residential places. The company’s consistent communication with all its relevant craftsmen, including the designers, architects and decorators, ensures that the quality of its products isn’t compromised in any way.

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