Named the best contemporary furniture showroom in London, FCI are proud to supply the residents of London and beyond with designer modern furniture and interior design and renovation services. We believe that everyone can benefit from a beautiful home, and use clever design skills and premium quality products to help you achieve this. Read on to find out more about FCI, the pride of London…

Our History

As an independently owned family business, we have deep roots in furniture design, manufacturing and interiors. FCI was established in 1985 and has come along in leaps and bounds. We have grown from a 5000 sq ft showroom to one of the latest designer furniture and lifestyle houses in the UK. Today we display thousands of pieces from the world’s most exclusive and highly sought after designers. Our showroom allows you to experience the very best in interior design before you make an investment. Now standing at 30,000 sq ft, you could easily get lost for hours marvelling at the stunning designs and beautiful materials. In addition, we also offer further services including interior design, project management, kitchen and bathroom renovation, 3D CGI and international shipping as well as trade services.

We now have over 100,000 client orders under our belt. Over the years we have built a solid reputation for ourselves within London and around the world. Today we are well known for contemporary interiors, offering a huge range of designer furniture as well as all of the services you might need to create the ultimate home.

We have always been dedicated to bringing you the very best the market has to offer. Over the last three decades, we have travelled all over Europe to source our luxury furniture designs and accessories. At FCI, each and every team member is proud to provide a high class service to the residents of London and beyond – we regularly ship pieces all around the world, and often have people travel just to visit our showroom.

Our Showroom

With over 700 brands under one roof, there really is nowhere better than our 30,000 sq ft showroom for luxury furniture and interior design. Our showroom is located in North West London and can easily be accessed from Hanger Lane tube station. In addition, we also offer free parking, making visiting us as straightforward as possible.

We are open 7 days a week and always have a full team on-site ready to assist you with any queries you might have. FCI focuses on luxury interiors, providing access to the world’s best in furniture design and interior design. In addition, we also offer further services including interior design, project management, kitchen and bathroom renovation, 3D CGI and international shipping as well as trade services.

Our range of brands and designers is extensive – we offer a wide variety when it comes to luxury furniture and accessories, to suit all tastes. When you visit our showroom, we are confident that you will fall in love with at least one piece. When it comes to luxury interiors, it’s all about quality over quantity, so just finding one piece that you adore is a great success. From designer bedroom furniture and living room furniture, kitchens, accessories and garden furniture, we provide everything that you need to create a home that’s beautiful as well as practical and functional.


Our team has been nominated for a number of awards over the years, and we have seen amazing growth over the last 24 months. Recently, FCI has won 6 awards for design, showrooms and projects. Our awards include: the 2018 Greater London Enterprise Awards – Best Contemporary Furniture Company. The Global Venture Awards – Winner in 2019. The M&A Today Global Awards – the 2019 Best Contemporary Furniture London. The Lawyer International Legal 100 2019 Awards – Best Contemporary Furniture Company.

Our Team

As you can see, over the years we have grown a business that is recognised for its success in the industry. This is made possible because of our dedicated and experienced team, who between them work tirelessly to provide you with the very best in luxury contemporary furniture design, as well as providing a second to none customer service to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

We are always thrilled to welcome you to our interior design showroom in London. In addition, we have a wide range of brands and designer pieces available to shop online, making gaining access to our luxury furniture and accessories easy, no matter where you are.

Our Services

At FCI we are proud to be part of London, and the largest luxury and contemporary furniture showroom, but we are also proud to be able to offer our services around the world. As such, the firm has been at the forefront of the latest furniture designs since the beginning. The FCI team have painstakingly pieced together a collection of furniture that today forms the backbone of the range on offer at FCI. Many of the most important brands that can be seen in the UK market today first entered the UK with FCI.

In addition to offering a range of expert interior design and project management services, the award-winning team also work on construction and complete refurbishment projects and will shortly start their own 70 apartment project in London. The team have been nominated for a number of awards over the years and have seen amazing success over the last 24 months, winning 6 awards for design, showroom and project work.