Our approach to interior design is perhaps more analytical than traditional interior designers. Over the years we've worked with thousands of clients and whilst every project is unique, we have always found a common factor that presents itself: "this looks great in the showroom but what will it look like in my house?"

We have used various techniques to make the decision making process easier from mood boards to line drawings; from templating the floors of rooms to hand drawn representations. All these methods helped but were never 100% perfect. Technology has changed all this.

Our highly skilled team can now present you with photorealistic images of your house, completely refurbished, before you purchase a thing. Walk through your new living room before you commit to a thing. Experiment with different styles and finishes; try our different wallpapers, furniture and lighting solutions. Knock out walls, try out an open plan environment, paint everything red! without the risk of making a mistake. Call us if you think this service could be of use to you.

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