Started in the early 90s, Design North is a Scandinavian producer of upholstered furniture. Since then, it has grown to become a globally established manufacturer in the industry, operating with “innovation, passion for design, and a sound business sense” as part of the company’s DNA.

They make furniture pieces for domestic and public rooms, designing, developing and producing them with competitive prices.

They value long-term relationships with their customers and believe that outstanding efforts are the best way to strengthen business-client connections.

The goal was simple – offer modern and personalised furniture at affordable prices. This was made possible with the creation of a flexible production and efficient organisation.

Design North is well-represented in the whole of the European market and other places around the globe, including Asia and North America.

Design North Design and Production

Most furniture items are made based on a broad international style. Design plays a vital role and how every piece is produced follows the same level of care and attention to detail that clients would afford in their own interior design. The company ensures that every product is a reflection of their brand, which has become synonymous with premium quality.

Design North has one of the largest selections of fabrics and leathers in the business, allowing them the level of flexibility to cater to a client’s every need. There are a fabric and leather to suit everyone’s taste and preferences. Whatever kind of upholstery a room needs, Design North can provide.

The company carries Efficiency fabrics, a quality brand that lives up to its name. They are not only easy to clean and durable but are eco-friendly as well. The Easy Care fabrics, on the other hand, are low maintenance, what with the ability to absorb liquid and dirt in the slowest way.

Although the company continues to evolve and develop, they remain true to their philosophies of simplicity, keen attention to detail, and of never sacrificing comfort, quality, and design.

Design North produces more than 250,000 custom-made sofas every year. One of these could be yours.

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