For Calligaris, furniture is not just about the looks but also about the functionality. This is why since 1923, the brand has been focused on designing innovative products that offer real-life solutions along with comfort. Their ideology and the willingness to experiment with different materials and finishes, along with the ability to embrace change – together, it has allowed Calligaris to reign supreme as an industry leader even after 100 years of being in the business.

Every space and every individual has different needs, which is why Calligaris has always focused on producing a vast range of products along with numerous customisation options so clients can always create the setting that they have in mind. Before we move towards what makes Calligaris stand out from its competitors and what our favourite Calligaris products are, here’s a brief overview of the brand’s history:

At the beginning of 1920s, Italy was still on the path to recovery post World War I and in the Manzano area, private companies were quickly multiplying, though they were mostly small or very small family businesses. In 1923, Antonio Calligaris set the foundation for his business as a small craft shop, producing the simple but iconic Marocca Chair that featured a wooden chair and straw seat. From hereon, till the 1950s, a network of companies was born in this area that often collaborated with each other. Antonio Calligaris’ workshop by now had many chairs in production including the “Milano”. He also owned a few pieces of machinery, however, most of the work was still done by hand.

After the Second World War, there was an exponential growth in the domestic demand for furniture. Both productions and investments grew as the company went into the hands of the second generation.

In the 1970s, Calligaris had been passed on to the third generation who incorporated modern techniques to weave a single chair in only one minute and 20 seconds. These advancements, coupled with the economic boom of the era led to constant growth in the production capacity of Calligaris. This prepared the company to venture into international markets and export began.

With an unmatched production capacity and a strong presence across both Europe and the USA, Calligaris started to expand its product range in 1986 to include tables and occasional furniture.

The 2000s have marked a new start for Calligaris with numerous expansion plans and winning a number of prestigious awards. In 2020, Calligaris opened its first museum in the hometown as a dedication to its own history and that of the incredible chair district of Manzano.

Why Choose Calligaris Furniture For Your Home?

Furnishing your home is one of the best times of your lives but it can also be quite stressful, especially with all the great brands and options available these days. We understand the temptation to go for products and brands that make great promises at cheaper prices. So let us help make your decision easier, by presenting our case on why buying Calligaris would be the best choice.

  • Beauty is simply a part of Italian furniture’s DNA and no one knows the art of designing furniture as the Italian craftsmen do. Being in the business since 1923, Calligaris has become a master of its craft with a team of the most talented and expert designers, artisans and architects.
  • Calligaris only uses genuine Italian materials which help them design the most durable and strong products.
  • Calligaris furniture is an amalgamation of creative design, superior quality, and contemporary style.
  • Calligaris works with many different materials including Plastic, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, Metal and Fabric to create a diverse collection so the clients can always find something that suits their style and space.
  • The fabrics used by Calligaris are not just a treat for the eyes but they’re also pleasant to touch and in colours that will not fade with time. The stain-proof fabrics are also protected from wet, dry and even oil stains, thanks to the Teflon™ fabric protector treatment. Additionally, the silver ions Silver Protection treatment gives Calligaris fabrics special anti-microbial properties, that is extremely important in the current Covid-19 situation.
  • It’s easier to add luxury to your home with Calligaris because the flexible designs easily harmonise with all types of settings to create infinite options.
  • Being a socially responsible and eco-conscious brand, several of the uniquely designed, elegant and classy Calligaris products are also eco-friendly.
  • In May 2019, Calligaris was amongst the 46 Italian companies to receive the “Best managed company” award. This award was based on the company’s excellence, competence and efficient management, so you know that Calligaris is a brand that you can fully trust.

Now, let’s have a look at the Calligaris product range:

Calligaris Chairs

From the kitchen to the dining room and from the bedroom to the living room, chairs have always been one of the most important design elements in a home. They are usually more functional than aesthetic as clients want the most comfortable chairs not just for their homes but also for their offices. Understanding these needs, Calligaris has designed a number of dining chairs, armchairs, benches, bar stools and footstools.

Calligaris Sofas

With numerous models, dozens of configurations and hundreds of upholstery options, you always get a unique Calligaris sofa for yourself. Both the leather and fabric sofas boast soft and welcoming shapes that add warm and welcoming vibes to a living space. With their deep, inviting seat cushions, these sofas are perfect for both contemporary and classic interiors so you can just sit in and relax.

Calligaris Dining Tables

Known for their modern design, every Calligaris dining table has the potential to enhance the aesthetics of the dining space. FCI London offers a curated selection of Calligaris dining and kitchen tables that are a worthwhile investment for any homemaker because of several attributes including the solid construction, accessible prices and timeless designs.

For those looking for space-saving options, Calligaris also offers dining tables with extending mechanisms that allow you to accommodate as many as ten people with just a touch of a button. If you want to learn more, here’s how you can create a luxury dining room with Calligaris for the ultimate dinner party.

Calligaris Coffee Tables

Whether it’s to showcase your treasured accessories or put your drinks on as you relax after a long day, coffee tables are an essential part of any living room and they have rightly been called the heart of the living room as they bring the whole room together.

With a wonderful combination of materials, ingenious designs and a variety of sizes, Calligaris coffee tables are stunning additions for not just any modern living room but also the bedroom or the office.

Our personal favourite is the Thin coffee table collection by Calligaris that includes a range of coffee tables, side tables and console tables in different sizes. All the products in this collection feature a thin metallic frame and top in a matching metal sheet for a light and airy feel. But for a more contemporary touch, it can also be customised with a marbled ceramic top.

Calligaris Sideboards, Cabinets & Wall Units

Our living spaces have to become flexible and change along with us and this can not be possible without smart storage solutions. Calligaris offers a range of cabinets, sideboards and wall units that are designed to give you extra space where required along with enriching your house with their elegant silhouettes.

The sideboards in particular are extremely versatile and multifunctional as their minimalistic style easily allows them to become the star of hallways, living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.

Calligaris Rugs

The right choice of rug can often completely change the look and feel of a room and with Calligaris rugs, you can never go wrong. From bright and vibrand to soft and subtle, no matter which rug you choose it will add a luxe factor to your space. Most of these rugs feature elegant geometric forms and fascinating optical illusions, making them ideal for all types of modern interiors. And for those who prefer the classic and vintage style rugs, there are plenty of designs inspired by Japanese origami, middle eastern, persian and african influences.

Calligaris Accessories

Designed to inspire and delight, Calligaris offers a range of coat stands, vases, mirrors and lamps that give your space a unique look with their unusual forms. If you really want to make full use of their vases, we suggest pairing them with one of the Calligaris coffee tables as together they can create an aesthetically pleasing conversation area. 

While all Calligaris furniture has remained true to its Italian heritage as well as the Calligaris hallmarks of creativity and quality, it has also evolved with time to accommodate the latest trends and technologies. So whether you need furniture for the living room, bedroom, office, kitchen or even an outdoor living space, you’re surely going to find something you’ll love with Calligaris at FCI London.