Storage space is an important feature of any room. Whether you are looking for space for your clothes, or you want to design cabinets for the kitchen, it is important to keep certain factors in mind.

Here are ways to create your dream wardrobe;

  1. Assess the room – The first step would be to assess the room; from the size to the angles to how the light hits the room. With this knowledge, you can then plan where you would like your wardrobe to be.
  2. Take measurements – Once you have determined where you would like the wardrobe to be, you can take the measurements. Be sure to double check and ensure the figures are accurate. You wouldn’t want to make an error and end up buying too much or too little material.
  3. Choose a wardrobe design – Choose a wardrobe design which works for you. There are quite a number of options so it would be ideal to decide on the best fit for you. Factor in size, use and longevity in the wardrobe design.
  4. Choose material, colour and fittings – Based on the rooms colour and design, chose a wardrobe colour which works well with the room. As you choose materials, choose the best fixtures and fittings which will last a very long time. Factor in features like wardrobe lighting too.

Customised Wardrobes Installation by fci London

Stunning Floor to Ceiling Wardrobes by fci London

Bespoke Modern Wardrobes by fciLondon


These steps act as a great guide when it comes to choosing a customized wardrobe design for your home. With these tips, you are well on your way to creating your dream wardrobes.

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