An Outdoor Space for All Seasons

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For most of us, spending time outdoors is a much-appreciated endeavour and, when the weather gets chillier, retreating to our living rooms makes us feel somewhat down in the dumps. But, with a new focus on health and wellness, many are finding exciting ways to winter-proof their patios and are venturing into their gardens all year round. If you’re dying to do the same, it’s wise to plan ahead. So while summer is in full swing and you’re lapping up the sun, retrofit your backyard with these cool additions and you’ll be enjoying your new space for the next 365 days and beyond.

An outdoor space for all seasons

Find the right spot

Not everyone has a structured terrace, so if you’re planning to invest in one, pay attention to the layout of your house before you take the next step. It needs to be positioned optimally taking into account the wind factor in colder weather and the searing heat during the warm months. If you don’t have the space for something expansive, build a stylish studio shed instead – they’re all the rage right now.

Create an enclosure

There is a myriad of ways in which to insulate your outdoor entertainment area. Hunt down a sturdy gazebo, we love the Pavilion by Varaschin, put up a couple of decorative wooden screens or find some weather-proof curtains – anything that provides protection from the great freeze. Adding plants is also an excellent way to create an extra shield. And don’t forget a roof – if you don’t want anything structural, an overhead sail canopy is a great idea.

An outdoor space for all seasons
An outdoor space for all seasons

Bring in some warmth

Whether you love roasting marshmallows around a rustic fire pit, enjoy toasting your toes in front of a gas heater or elect to hang heat lamps above your head, it’s important to bring in some additional warmth. Another way of doing this is by installing an outdoor kitchen. So get your grill on or splurge out on a pizza oven – cooking outdoors is so much fun, you’ll be hard pushed to get your guests to go home!

Find the right furnishings

Let’s face it, no one wants to sit on a plastic chair in the middle of winter. So indulge in a luxury garden sofa or two and make sure that they’re beautifully padded for extra cosiness. Test out the Soft chaise longue by Atmosphera or nestle up with a loved one on Manutti’s ultra-comfortable Flex – they’re exactly the kind of furnishings that will make snowy weather a walk in the park. Make sure that you buy covers for all of your alfresco seating so that they’re kept well protected when they’re not in use.

An outdoor space for all seasons
An outdoor space for all seasons

Add a bit of shag

Having something plush underfoot is a wonderful way to tie your whole ensemble together and create a sense of snugness. And all-weather carpets are aplenty these days. Skyline Design has this Shaggy outdoor rug that we’re mad about - it’s just the ticket if you plan to do a soupçon of entertaining under the stars.

Amp up the ambience

Although extra lighting and candles won’t add more heat, they certainly create a welcoming atmosphere that will make enjoying your patio a pleasure. And, as it gets dark early in autumn, they’ll give you the luminance you need for convivial evenings with family and friends. With loads of choices from spectacular spots to wall sconces, path lights and floor lamps you’ll be able to add a touch of twinkle to your terrace in no time. We think the stylish Ludo lantern by Atmosphera is a must-have and, if you want to infuse a sense of fun, Fatboy offers some uber-cool choices that are sure to enchant.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

The more joyous your space is, the more you’ll want to use it, so bring out the accessories and style up a storm to make it look chic, opulent and fit for some fabulous festivities. How? It’s easy! Simply pile on the cushions, ready your fluffy throws, add decorative vases and bowls, scatter a couple of comfy beanbags around your deck and fill colourful planters with extra foliage to create a sense of calming biophilia – it’s good for the soul. And don’t forget to pack things away once you venture back inside… even your pillows need a warm place to rest! We recommend the Flair accessories box – it has ample space for all your bric-a-brac, and it looks good too.

An outdoor space for all seasons
An outdoor space for all seasons

Find luxury outdoor furnishings at FCI London

We’re all for spending time in the great outdoors and have devoted decades to sourcing the finest furniture, lighting and accessory options from around the world. We’re confident we have exactly what you’re looking for, so pop in and see us anytime. We’re up for a chat, a decent cup of coffee and a good old brainstorm about how we can help you turn your backyard into something absolutely remarkable.

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