Top Home Design Trends For Autumn 2021

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The hills are alive with the shades of burnt orange and your clients are looking to cosy things up in preparation for winter. Autumn interiors are some of our favourites - think pumpkin-inspired colour palettes, mixed textures and activity spaces that start to move indoors as the colder weather tiptoes in.

Here are our top 7 interior design trends for Autumn, based on online searches and sales at FCI London HQ.


1. Burnt Orange

It's no surprise of course - the pumpkin palette flows into fashion every year around this time, but it never gets old. Our customers are browsing accent pillows in rust, ochre and sangria, while gold-accented mirrors and sofas are among our highest online searches.

The queen of Autumn colours, Burnt Orange, is the colour axis around which all the others dance. When planning your Autumn projects, look for simple accessories and small areas to decorate in these hues. A scattering of sunset cushions feels warm and cosy, but a statement wall in persimmon will likely come with a side of seasonal regret. 


2. Gentle Green

In a rather bewildering paradox, the other colour du jour is green. Calm, gentle shades like seafoam and mint are very much in vogue. It makes sense, given that not everyone gets caught up in the iridescence of falling leaves. 

Soft greens are inviting and calming and create a lovely counterbalance to the greys and whites that we've seen this summer. Green kitchen cabinets and accessories are most requested, creating a lovely opportunity to pair them with brass finishes for the light Autumn touch. 



3. Home-based Activities

A key emerging trend this season is home-based activities. With the sweep of the pandemic followed swiftly now by the end of summer, people are looking to make space for key activities inside their homes. Online searches for home gyms are up by over 100%, as is the trend for creating semi- or permanent home offices. 

As a designer, it's important for you to brush up your knowledge in spheres that you might not be experienced in, such as where to find a compact yet powerful treadmill!  


4. Natural Textures

Autumn decor simply cries out for mixed textures, from faux fur to woven fibres to purposefully rough fabrics.  Our customers are looking for throws, storage baskets and wall decor in a wide range of styles and feels. Adding textures creates pockets of visual interest. You can layer up a space using a fun mixture of textiles, materials and colour and no one will call you crazy. 


5. Flexible Designs

You may be seeing this trend with your clients already, but we've noticed a major increase in requests for flexible furniture and designs. People want more out of their spaces as they seek to add more activity options to fixed areas. 

Think lounge slash office where a drop-down desk doubles as a feature wall. As many people adapt to the permanence of working from home, they're looking for ideas on how to save space in their bedroom slash office using beds that are stored in walls and swivel chairs that can change the layout of their spaces.


6. Partitions & Dividers

This follows on from the trend above, but we thought we’d make it a category since our online searches for room dividers has skyrocketed in the last month. These mid-century pieces are making a comeback in a big way. They’re less of a commitment than a bed in a wall and more affordable than some of many of the options on the market.

Parents can use them to get that much needed moment of peace and quiet away from the kids without it feeling like a complete separation. 


As always, we have a dedicated (and very friendly!) design team ready and waiting to inspire, assist or just have a lovely cuppa with you. Bring your clients to browse Autumn trends in our showroom or give us a call with your project headaches. 



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