How To Create a Luxury Beach House Aesthetic

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Tips for creating a luxury beach house aesthetic

We all long for that sound of the waves crashing onto a sandy beach, salt-water spray infusing the air. The warm breeze rustling through towering palm fronds. The cry of gulls as they swoop and soar. Endless days of basking. The wholesome, nourishing phenomenon that is Vitamin Sea…

But if you’re spending summer on home turf or can’t afford a cabin in the tropics, life right now may seem a little lack-lustre. So, to capture that holiday vibe and make you feel on top of the world, here are our top tips on creating a luxury beach house aesthetic, wherever you are.

What defines a beach house feel?

Costal living, especially if you’re a design aficionado, has nothing to do with tatty furnishings and clusters of half-broken shells. It’s more about open spaces, nautical hues, wooden accents and bright, natural light. Everything that makes you feel positive, relaxed and comfortably casual. Ditch the kitsch starfish and wave-pattern theme and focus on creating a subtle, elevated look inspired by the airiness and serenity of nature. Here are some inspirational little tricks that will get the ball rolling.


Upcycling old furniture sourced from your local thrift shop is a worthwhile endeavour. Try a wash of paint, beautiful new handles or give it a stylish weathered look using destressing techniques.

Window dressings

Install upmarket plantation shutters on all your floor to ceiling windows in neutral shades or natural timber. Or, for an open feel, hang some soft linen curtains. Add a cosy window seat or some comfortable chairs to frame your view.

Wooden cladding

White shiplap is the perfect way to create that charming holiday-home aesthetic. Have it on your ceiling, clad out your kitchen or use it to feature a single living room wall. But be cautious about overdoing or it could look cheap.


Classic hardwood or tiled floors are ideal and can be jazzed up with a generous area rug to pull your look together and add some warmth. Go for a fun pattern or stay neutral with an off white or soft blue.


Consider the visual weight of your room and make sure that it feels the way it looks and is reflective of themes that embrace beach, water and flora. Do this by including clay pots, sisal baskets, wooden sculptures, and textured cushions and throws.

Tips for creating a luxury beach house aesthetic

Three interior design styles that are perfect for coastal living

Here are 3 design styles that perfectly match a beach house vibe and a laidback, uncomplicated lifestyle:

Scandi: Organised, minimalistic, calm and connected, Scandi is about earthy tones, natural materials and soft, clean lines put together to exude a soothing sense of wellbeing.

Boho: Carefree and relaxed, this look is all about seamlessly integrating eclectic objects and furnishings from around the world to create a cultured yet nonchalant aesthetic.

Shabby Chic: Uses neutral tones of beige, off-white, grey and sand along with distressed wood, white linen and weathered furniture to create a charming contemporary vintage feel.

Luxury beach house furniture you’ll love

Rattan, wicker, teak and rope are perfect materials for achieving that all-important touch of coastal class. And with luxury garden furniture brands like Ethimo, Roberti Rattan and Skyline Design creating gorgeous offerings that exude opulence, you’re going to be spoilt for choice. While a lovely indoor sofa and accent chairs are fabulous options, some contemporary outdoor furniture designs are so chic, you’ll want them in your living rooms too. Here are three that take the cake.

Hamptons Collection by Roberti Rattan

Prestigious and sleek, we absolutely adore the Hamptons Collection by Roberti Rattan. Available in white or rich musk with beautifully comfortable cushioning and an array of matching accents like footstools and coffee tables, it will turn your beach house into a palace both inside and out.

Tips for creating a luxury beach house aesthetic
Tips for creating a luxury beach house aesthetic

Cube Collection by Ethimo

Ethimo’s Cube ensemble gives you a full range of lounge furniture that ticks all the boxes when it comes to style, extravagance and making your home feel like a coastal paradise. In classic Ethimo style, it is textured, voluminous and created to reflect all things natural, it’s an absolute win.

Tips for creating a luxury beach house aesthetic
Tips for creating a luxury beach house aesthetic

Journey Collection by Skyline Design

If you’re doing up your home to look like a designer beach house, then you’ll need to pay attention to your patio too. Skyline Design, renowned for their extravagantly lavish outdoor offerings, is definitely the place to start. Check out their breathtaking selection of daybeds, swing chairs and loungers. Their Journey range is a hands-down favourite.

Tips for creating a luxury beach house aesthetic
Tips for creating a luxury beach house aesthetic

Shop beach house furniture at FCI London

For more information and loads of advice on how to make your home feel like a flaming hot holiday spot, look no further than FCI London. Our fashion-forward design team will know exactly what you need to kick start your latest décor projects, no matter what they are.

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