Prestigious seems like an obvious name for a luxury brand, but there's nothing obvious about how this company handles wallpapers and fabrics, in fact, they might just be the most intriguing players in the market right now. Prestigious is an international operation, with dedicated factories across the globe. Their wallpapers and their fabrics are treated in ways that are increasingly complex, providing for some of the best work one could lay eyes on. Prestigious (PT in short) is a brand that has always considered ambitious endeavors: ever since its inception three decades ago, this family-run business is bigger and better than ever, and that is because the vision for its sophisticated design process has never been lost in the sea of competitors.

What the original founders have been able to do is truly remarkable, essentially scrapping all preconceptions about what good wallpapers should feel like and making even better, more innovative products on top of those stereotypes. Concepts and colors are always mixed and matched in a constant fight between who's stronger than the other, without ever clashing though. Contrast is important in this type of work, because it gives the design of the wallpapers a modern look. This is what Prestigious is all about: traditional methods, advanced technologies, modern feel.

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