Omexco is a company that works in the niche of wallcoverings. They have been trendsetters since their founding in 1976 and they really know what it means to create beautiful pieces of artistry. Their wall coverings tell stories that are told through the incredible handcrafting and expertise that is to be found on every step of the production process, meaning that you don't just get pretty walls with what you buy from them, you get an entire range of emotions. Their designs are very sophisticated, with modern shades of different colors and palettes that work their magic in every room.

Omexco takes pride in being an environmentally aware producer, a brand that always looks out for the best practices in working with clean energy and processes. This means that their products are always built with the least materials that are dangerous to our Earth possible. An ecologic mindset is what separates brand of the futures from brands that are stuck in a distant past, one where leaders throughout the world would only run to become the best of the best, no matter the cost. This is not the case anymore: people are changing and so is our Earth. We need to be able to adapt and this is what Omexco does best: adapt and change.


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