Malina focuses on chairs and wooden furniture. The company was founded in 1973 and it stands today as a medium sized company whose objective is that of bringing excellence in these two areas. Malina's motto is: "Building wooden chair is our job, our passion." This shows how dedicated these people are to achieving expertise in such a specific segment of the market, meaning that we can all expect extreme professionalism from them. The company, like many others at the time of its founding, was built in Friuli, an Italian region that saw a boom in economic growth around those times.

Thankfully, the region has been able to keep its dominance in terms of design industrial powerhouse throughout the world even in recent years, with the 2008 crisis bringing some challenges, but not enough to make things crash. Malina as we said is a focused company, one that sees no benefit in concentrating on frills and unnecessary decoration, but rather one that loves crafting genuinely useful, beautiful chairs, the kind you'd want to keep for a lifetime. Fortunately, thanks to their proven durability, you can probably do just that; hang onto them for your whole life.


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