Kymo is a statement, Kymo is a philosophy in and of itself, Kymo is exactly what it says it is: the mark of something innovative, simple, and great. Kymo's projects follow this lifestyle philosophy by treating things in a rather abstract way, while also making sure that they come out to represent real-world counterparts.

Kymo's collections have really bold names such as "The Lab" or "The Loft", and one can immediately tell what he's going to confront as soon as he enters this journey of discovery. Funky lines and neon accents are the main focus in the experiment of a laboratory that really knows how to trigger new sensations in people, while plushy, comfortable, classic curves make it up in the loft, where people want to relax and forget about the long workday they've had to endure.

There's no end to what Kymo is capable of achieving, the limit goes well beyond the sky here, and this shows thanks to the incredible expertise that they've been able to gather in making products that are not only appealing, but also rather incredibly original (not to say rather odd at times). Check out "The Lab" for yourself and you'll see what we mean.


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