Cascando is all about boosting people's engagement by complementing their workspace with authentic interior design. That's what they claim and that's what we at FCI believe as well. The Dutch company has grown to become an interesting player in office design, manufacturing high-quality seating elements, acoustic privacy solutions, and original interior accessories. Cascando's philosophy is to create ecosystems that allow people to be successful in their day to day lives.

They believe that interior design should help people feel home at work. Making employees happier and igniting their enthusiasm for the workplace is a great way to boost new accomplishments and new ways of achieving things. Cascando really takes care of all the office furniture needed in a modern environment: ergonomic seaeting, desks, conference tables, coat stands, displays, storage, coat racks, whiteboards, and more. Designers at Cascando aim for a modern, minimal collection that makes use of colour to inspire the people that work in open environments. The furniture has very soft shapes and curves that look and feel very sophisticated.


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