Storage and surface space plays an important role in living room design. Sitting rooms have to work hard to suit a number of functions, such as relaxing, enjoying a coffee and offering plenty of storage space for items like books and magazines. Aside from your seating, your storage units and tables need to be carefully thought through to provide you with what you need, creating a space that’s functional as well as beautiful. With this in mind, Naos provides the perfect solution, specialising in luxury living room furniture that is both functional and stylish…

Coffee Tables

Hive-1 Coffee Table

Aptly named because of its honeycomb design, the Hive-1 Coffee Table provides plenty of surface space and striking style. A real statement piece, position this table in the centre of the room to make it the focal point and position your seating around it. Ideal for placing your 11 am coffee on, or a glass of wine in the evening, this coffee table features a beautiful copper base and comes in over 20 luxury finishes for the top.

Batis Coffee Table

Ideal for big living rooms and large seating areas, the Batis Coffee Table essentially offers three tables in one. Versatile and practical, the coffee table can be tucked away to make one smaller table, or opened up to offer three surface spaces for when guests come over. The table tops have a unique hexagonal shape and are available in over 40 different finishes, whereas the solid and chunky base comes in over 40 materials.

Calypso Coffee Table

Square in design and in a trio of materials, the Calypso Coffee Table offers the perfect opportunity to add interest with a range of textures and finishes. With two table tops at varying heights, this table can be displayed as a single square table or pulled out to create a more diverse design. The solid base comes in over 50 different design options, while the top can be finished in over 60 different ways.

Myflower Coffee Table

This table gets its name from the unique shape it takes when the smaller under tables are pulled out. Shaped like petals around the centre of a flower, the Myflower Coffee Table offers additional surface space and a striking design. The table can be pulled out and configured in a number of ways, depending on your own personal taste and needs. It can also be finished in over 100 different combinations, so that you can create the perfect design to suit your scheme.

Side Tables

Lyps Side Table

Large rooms can take square shapes and sharper edges. The Lyps Side Table offers stylish additional surface space, but place it somewhere where there isn’t much in the way of a flow of traffic to avoid any bumped sides. Lyps has all the angles, with a slanted support, square base and square top. 

If you’re looking to update your living room this year to add luxury style and create a super-useable and functional space, look no further than Naos. As you can see from the above, this premium Italian brand doesn’t disappoint, delivering beautiful and contemporary furniture that serves a purpose.

Harry Side Table

A side table is a great way to add additional surface space next to your seating. Perfect to position next to an armchair or similar, the Harry Side Table won’t take up a lot of space, but will make a big difference to your living room design. With a leaning support, this unique table is contemporary and of premium quality. Choose from over 30 finishes for the base and the same for the table to make this design your own.


Monolith Sideboard

A sideboard is a great addition to any living room and offers versatile concealed storage space as well as display space. The Monolith Sideboard is a statement piece that has a subtle but striking beauty about it. On simple legs set to the centre, from close up this sideboard could appear as if floating. Available in a variety of finishes including marble and stone, the sideboard is made from premium materials and will add a sense of luxury and grandeur to your sitting room. Ideal to hide away clutter, you could also consider using the Monolith Sideboard as a mini bar, displaying beautiful bar ware on top and concealing additional bottles and glasses inside.

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