Will Fitted Wardrobes Add Value to a House?

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Will Fitted Wardrobes Add Value to a House?

Research shows that homeowners frequently ask the question, will fitted wardrobes add value to a house? The good news is that it will!

Studies have shown that adding luxury fitted wardrobes to a home can increase its value by up to £100,000. Now that's an increase to get any house owner’s attention! We want to ensure that you get the best possible price for your home if you wish to sell one day, so here is a comprehensive guide to buying fitted wardrobes.

1. What are fitted wardrobes and how they can be used?

Fitted wardrobes are custom-built storage solutions that are designed to fit perfectly into any room. Because they are made to measure, you can expect streamlined and stylish closets that maximise your storage space.

Unlike freestanding cupboards, built-in wardrobes do not leave any unsightly gaps. This makes them a luxurious alternative to their stand-alone counterparts.

Available in a wide range of designs and finishes, custom-built fitted wardrobes can be tailor-made to compliment your home decor and aesthetic.

2. The benefits of fitted wardrobes for your home

Perhaps the greatest benefit of modern fitted wardrobes is the way you can optimise your space. In our 35 years of experience in fitting custom cabinetry, we have significantly increased the storage in our clients’ homes by transforming even the most awkward corners of a room into visually appealing cupboards.

Secondly, fitted cabinets can be designed to store not just your clothes but all sorts of equipment, linen, shoes and collectables. Our interior designers will recommend the right shelf size and shape based on your needs.

Lastly, they are an absolute breeze to clean. You won’t have to worry about difficult-to-reach corners or spaces, nor will you have to move bulky cabinets around just to clean a room.

We are fanatical about luxury fitted wardrobe design.

Take a look at our range of contemporary wardrobes.


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3. How to choose the right type of fitted wardrobe for your needs

To help you choose the right style of contemporary fitted wardrobe, you need to get a feel of what is available. Explore our built-in wardrobes online to start building a visual idea of what you are looking for. We even have a handy cost calculator where you can get an instant quote based on your requirements.

Alternatively, you can set up an appointment to visit our showroom and experience the different materials and finishes in person. At the showroom, you will meet with our wardrobe design experts for an initial planning appointment. They'll guide you through everything, from the best wardrobe doors for your space to the ideal finish and door handles. For example, if you have a small bedroom, sliding door wardrobes with a mirrored finish will not only save you space, but they'll also create the illusion of a larger room. 

We suggest bringing along a detailed list of your storage needs. From the appointment, you will receive a variety and options with several quotes for your chosen look. Select the option that suits your budget and we'll soon have your project underway.

What is the difference between fitted and built-in wardrobes?
What is the difference between fitted and built-in wardrobes?


4. How much value will fitted wardrobes add to your home?

In a study conducted on the house-hunting website Zoopla, almost 2500 houses were examined. The study included properties with and without fitted wardrobes in Scotland, Wales, and England.

The survey produced some extremely intriguing findings, including the fact that while the average property value on Zoopla was listed for just under £235,000, the average listing price for homes with built-in wardrobes was roughly £338,000 - an increase of over £100,000.

The value that fitted wardrobes will add to your home will depend on the design, material used and quality of craftsmanship. At FCI, we design and build luxury fitted wardrobes with only the highest quality materials, according to the most innovative designs. We are experts at creating top-quality joinery that will add the most value to your home. 

5. Installation tips for fitted wardrobes

You have decided on your fitted wardrobe and are now preparing for installation. Our expert installation team will talk you through the process both before installation and while they're on-site, but here are some useful tips to remember.

Firstly, to avoid any damage to your furniture and appliances, take all valuables out of the rooms where work will be done. You can also cover them to prevent potential damages. If we are upgrading your existing cupboards, we ask that you empty them and keep your clothes temporarily in a different place.

Secondly, inform anyone living in your home who may be affected by the construction. We'll let you know how much dust and disturbance there will be so you can make arrangements for family members to be out if necessary while construction goes on.

When you order a custom-fitted wardrobe from us, we handle every part of the process, from design and material sourcing to fitting and installation. We'll let you know if we need any extra space to work from or if we need to keep equipment on-site during the installation.

In Conclusion

By this point, you should be getting ready to wave goodbye to your freestanding wardrobes.

When you invest in built-in wardrobes, you not only get the benefits of increased storage and aesthetic appeal, you will also add considerable value to your home. Get in touch with us today for an instant quote.

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