In Japanese, Zen means meditation. In interior design, it shows poise, harmony, and relaxation.

‘Zen’ as an interior design style does not come with rigid rules, but it is related to minimalism, effortlessness, and purity of lines. It is more a way of positioning a home and making a vibe that throws off the stress and hassle of everyday life

1.The Colours

This interior design style is all about natural colours, in softer hues, such as white, grey, green, shades of beige or pink beige, which hold the ability to create a feel of relaxation and serenity. Chromatic harmony between the different elements is vital, as well as the visual continuity between walls, furniture, and floors.

Bedrooms: Zen

Bedrooms: Zen

An example of the colour scheme in this style is this Ala Double Bed by Jesse pictured. Ala is a modern bed designed especially for modern bedrooms. The item is made of wood with frame and footboard available with or without storage. An upholstered panel for the headboard is also available. Finishes are luxurious: dark oak, walnut, matt and high gloss lacquered. It comes with a drawers units in walnut with aluminium handle. You will love the way it fits in contemporary interiors.

2. The Fabrics

Choosing fabric depends on on the same rules of natural, light and relaxed. One of the vital basics of Zen interior design is the curtains, which provide a sense of closeness, while reducing noise and blocking air drafts. Go for natural textiles, such as linen, wool, or bunting wool and match them with the rest of the room.

3.The Lighting

For a full harmonious space, swap harsh florescent lights with soothing, nature-inspired or candle lights. Place various light sources around the space to allow you to control the strength of the light. Stay clear from projecting a strong direct light from the ceiling and take benefit of all potentials to mix a floor lamp, a lamp set and indirect light.

4. The Furniture

Zen style furniture is usually comprised of simple and clear lines, avoiding complex detail and excess ornamentation. The furniture should be high quality and made of natural materials as these bring a sensation of warmth and relaxation. Storage pieces (closets, cupboards, chests of drawers) may be brought to life if painted in colours match the rest of the interior.

Zen: Garden Seating

Zen: Garden Seating

5. The Plants

No Zen interior design is complete without plants and greenery! This style can also be done in the garden, a service we also provide.

A great example of the zen interior deisgn style in a garden is this gorgeous Argora Seating system by Unopiu pictured. Designed with comfort and style in mind, the Agora seating system is characterised by oversized dimensions and ultra-comfortable seats. It is made of a special weather-resistant, tropical brown fibre that is hand-woven on an aluminium frame. The cushions are covered with UV-resistant fabric suitable for outdoor use. It is available in off-white, beige, green and brown colours. Available in 3-seater sofa, left lounge module, right lounge module, sun lounger, and coffee table.

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