Varaschin is an Italian brand that brings together high-quality craftsmanship in amalgamation with contemporary designs. They have been captivating the world of outdoor furniture for over five decades and today, they import their highly sought-after products to over 70 different countries. The people at Varaschin pride themselves as not being mere producers of outdoor furniture, but celebrators of ‘Outdoor Therapy’.

Although they boast designs that are modernist, the inspiration behind Varaschin remains timeless. It is not ‘what’ they take inspiration from but ‘from where’ that defines their unique aesthetics. As one would imagine, a brand that caters to embellishing their outdoor surroundings knows the true value of nature. Hidden deep inside our natural surroundings are harmonies which Varaschin aim to sync to their products, mirroring nature’s organic perfections. These are not just sources of inspiration for the brand, but the things that define their very identity.

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Varaschin Outdoor Furniture

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Hand-weaving is a technique that has been around for centuries, but no one does it better than Varaschin. The gorgeous interwoven materials blend seamlessly with the refreshingly contemporary structures to produce a variety of products including seaters, daybeds, tables, gazebos, poufs, rugs – anything you would need for furnishing a modern yet elegant outdoor setting.

Their flagship product is the famous Emma Chair designed by Monica Armani, a perfect channel of Varaschin’s signature elements. It features a simple, woven backrest over a sleek yet comfortable seat. The materials can be modified to go with your surroundings thanks to a variety of material possibilities. It’s part of the Emma Collection which features several other items that perfectly complement one another.

Another notable chair is Christophe Pillet’s reimagination of the classic Bergère form as part of the Summerset Collection. It’s the first collection by Varaschin to make use of powder-coated steel which creates the elegant mesh of the structure. The ample seat-size and plush seating of the Summerset Bergère Chair make it an ideal choice for outdoor lounging.

The Tibidabo collection by Calvi Brambilla is another iconic example which features the airy, breathable weave with a minimalist style. The Tibidabo Table uses closely placed weaves around an aluminum structure which flow vertically in a swift, smooth movement. The round glass table top enhances the elegant design and ensures that it becomes the focal point no matter where it is placed.

The Bivacco Gazebo is all about lounging outdoors in comfort and style. Its white aluminum structure comes with a generous canopy and linear awnings on three sides which provides shade without creating a claustrophobic environment. The DryFeel foam padding covers the seat and it has a reclining back for optimum comfort.

Varaschin has also created a number of accessories, such as the Tappeto carpet, which makes use of English rib tube weaving to create a cohesive look with its signature products.

Varaschin’s wide range of outdoor designs make use of the highest quality materials, expert craftsmanship and modern design elements to bring grace and style to your outdoor environment.

What our customers say