Nexus Collection is all about upholstery. Their sofas are world class and their reputation has only been getting better and better, as time goes on. With 40+ years of experience in the industry, Nexus Collection can boast about having one of the most complete collection of Sofas and general upholstery. As per usual, the quality of the "Made in Italy" badge is always something to take into consideration when looking at a brand that has been working hard to find recognition in a worldwide environment.

Needless to say, they have found more than recognition, they have found widespread success thanks to the careful treatment of the leathers they use for their products, the incredible bamboo accents that complement every single piece, the plushiness and comfort of their sofas. Nexus Collection is a leader in making sofas and upholstery, so much so that they've been on a constant expansion journey, one that would have led them to the eventual path to success. This is something to remark because these companies - although they are always quite ambitious - seem to lose their core values after a few decades of being on the market. This isn't the case with Nexus Collection, in fact, their values have only been strengthened ever since their inception.


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