Located in Valencia, Spain, Kent is a furniture company specialising in occasional furniture, such as console tables, coffee tables, mirrors, bookcases, side tables, desks and TV furniture. Since 2000, the company’s work is focused on innovation with functionality and designs that allow for easy customisation of products.

The company operates in the philosophy that customer needs should serve as a design guide. Kent listens to their needs and then provide a design that is functional and incorporates the right materials and finishes.

30% of the goods produced by Kent are exported to over 30 countries.

Kent Design and Production

Competitiveness, excellence, and quality are three attributes that Kent focuses on where design is concerned. Combined with respect to the environment, the company creates furniture pieces that fully adapts to a variety of settings at home or in contract projects.

Kent works with their own designers as well as collaborates with international designers to create excellent and exquisite collections. Some of the big names they’ve worked with include Antoni Arola, Discoh, Gabriel Teixidó, Rifé, Sergio Rochas, and Vicente Gallega.

Every product is manufactured entirely in Valencia, using renewable raw materials in support for the sustainability and improvement of the company’s environmental impact. Treatment and finishes of wood products meet international strict controls, complete with different certifications. Quality, on the other hand, is guaranteed ISO 9001 certified.

Kent welcomes personalisation in a customer’s choice of materials, sizes, and finishes. Clients would not have to wait long for the company to provide them information and details of the budget, design, and drawing of their specific project.

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