The bathroom is one of the few places in the home that people rarely openly discuss, but when it comes to showing it off, homeowners would gladly open its doors and show it off, provided it is well-designed and decked out. Thanks to Idea Group, everyone will have an opportunity to create a bathroom environment that is luxurious and fully functional at the same time.

Idea Group is responsible for pushing the boundaries of bathroom furnishings, proposing innovative concepts to give bathroom environments character and style that is yet unknown until today. A leader in the bathroom furnishings sector, the company has become synonymous with everything high quality and impressive in bathroom furniture and accessories.

Their philosophy revolves around hitting the target on customer satisfaction, which they consider a moving target, always changing and often hard to satisfy. But Idea Group is a marksman where client specifications are concerned. They provide products in highly competitive price, quality and design.

Idea Group Expertise

The Idea Group’s expertise lies in creating bathroom furniture and accessories that exceed client expectations. Through extensive research into the needs of customers and the ever-changing trends of the market, they are able to provide products designed not only to impress, but also work as intended. The company has become synonymous with dynamism, high quality, and flexibility in using technology and materials to maximise production capacity. Research has also become the team’s underlying strategy that helped them meet and exceed customer expectations.

Part of the company’s success is their commitment to quality, without sacrificing local heritage and roots in Veneto. The Idea Group follows the region’s dedication in preserving and developing local values and traditions, which show in the way they create and deliver products and services. Work ethics and heritage play a crucial role on how the company operates, and they aim to protect and nurture these aspects. In everything they do, they put emphasis on hand-made craftsmanship even when items are mass produced. Idea Group is distinguished by the quality and innovation of the products they put out in the market.

As part of a network of companies, Idea Group is able to cater to clients worldwide. This is easily achieved through companies conveniently located in Europe.

Idea Group Products

Idea Group boasts of a collection of bathroom furniture designed to add a sophisticated style to home. It features a streamlined style that is a result of research, quality materials, creative inspiration, clean lines and innovative finishes. The Atelier bathroom furnishing collection, for example, is all for style and functionality that can turn what is supposedly a daily, mundane experience into an elegant and satisfying affair.

The company offers shower enclosures that bring together style and daily comfort, modern bathroom furnishings, shower trays of various colours, shapes, dimensions and materials, and bathtubs with ergonomic details and architectural style. Idea Group also offers modular cabinets for the laundry room that add a distinct quality, style and flexibility to what is supposed to be a utilitarian room.

The company is committed to make bathroom and laundry room furniture easier and more flexible to use.

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