Connubia Calligaris is a new brand that is representative of the Calligaris design, quality, and tradition. It offers clients furniture items necessary for daily living, from the basic to the most valued and original.

Connubia Calligaris is a name derived from the Latin word “conubium” that translates to marriage or bond, which is evident in the natural bond formed between Calligaris and its products of superior quality and the highest level of depth. It blends in unique and original cohesion.

Chairs are more than just a furniture piece to sit on, as they are not only ergonomic but also designed to be classic and futuristic, depending on its shape and details. They are created with innovative materials while staying true to its true purpose in everyday life.

Tables, on the other hand, are designed to bring together people in a wide range of activities – dining, meeting, and entertaining, and foster conviviality and affinity at the same time. They are made of different materials that will reflect on personality and adapt to any room.

Furniture items and accessories are made only of the highest quality materials using advanced processes. Fabrics, for example, are treated in special ways.

Natur Sphere System protects fabrics against dust and stains through the use of inert nanospheres. This keeps fabrics looking new and softer to the touch for longer.

Silver Protection is an anti-microbial and anti-fungal treatment that disinfects fabrics and creates a protective shield. This makes it resistant to odor and allergic phenomena.

Teflon™ fabric protector keeps dirt and stains containing oil and water off fabrics. It is low maintenance and does not affect a fabric’s appearance, quality, and washability.

Connubia Calligaris only uses wood from correctly and responsibly managed forests, making it a brand with a conscience and a heart. Wood that fails to adhere to strict environmental, social and economic guidelines will never make it to the Calligaris factory.

Ceramics, on the other hand, are often the material of choice for table tops because of its resistance to impact, scratches, stains, chemicals, and thermal shocks. They are clean and very hygienic too, which is ideal for where food is placed and enjoyed.

The Connubia Calligaris brand leaves people plenty to desire where furnishings and accessories are concerned. They bring to the market craftsmanship, design, and quality that is uniquely Calligaris.

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