15 Statement Making Sofas for Modern Living Rooms

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The sofa you choose lays out the storyline for the tales you want your living room to tell. Selecting the right sofa can greatly enhance the ambience of your space. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary recliner or a Rattan sofa bed, an eclectic chaise lounge, or a mid-century Lawson – you will find all that and more in the exquisite collection of statement sofas offered at FCI.

Top 15 Statement Sofas

1. Kolossal Grand Curved Sofa

Sofas are the focal points that set the tone of your living environment. Choosing the right statement sofa creates a bold impact and enhances the feel of your room. The Kolossal Grand Curved Sofa by Silvano Luxury is the perfect image statement piece sofa. It features captivating details such as its gently curved form, tufted back and sides, corded seamlines, and two generously plush seats. The Kolossal exudes luxurious comfort with an elegant flair. 


2. Premier Dame Sofa

Classic sofas never go out of style; they create a statement by adding a charming dose of antiquity. The Premier Dame Sofa by Silvano Luxury features a curvaceous form enhanced by a gently ribbed inner back that provides luxurious cushioning. The stunning cabriole legs at the bottom complete the picture with panache. 


3. 33 Cuscini Sofa

Statement sofas like the Cuscini Sofa by Driade say it all without compromising on practicality. The unique design is sure to add a charmingly whimsical touch to the surroundings with the 33 bold, chunky cushions that make up its structure. 

4. Next Sofa

The Next Sofa by Gamma and Dandy has a generous yet simplified frame enveloped in stunning, full-grain aniline leather. It creates a contemporary, clean silhouette finished with subtly crafted stitches. The sectional sofa also uses premium Shade leather which adds a sanded, striped effect - making it the perfect living room sofa to play up the patterns. 


5. Frank Sofa

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when considering how to select a sofa for your living room as every choice has something different to offer. For instance, the Frank Sofa by Cierre channels a New York-inspired rawness with a contemporary flair. The elegant three-seater comes with a remote-controlled reclining mechanism and is a great pick if you enjoy relaxation without compromising on style. 

6. Jean Sofa

If you want to go for a more nostalgic, hygge ambience, the Jean Sofa by Laskasas may be just the ticket. This uber-cosy sofa features the evergreen capitonné upholstery across the back and side arms, complete with rustic eucalyptus inserts and a golden stainless-steel footer. Such classy sofas easily adapt to any interior style thanks to their timeless aesthetics. 


7. Slash Sofa

The Slash Sofa by Bamax uses a classic upholstery style combined with a modern design. It proves that capitonné need not always be a dull affair, making a good case for those who want to dabble with modernism and classic style at the same time.  

8. Kathy Sofa

Another intriguing modern sofa is the Kathy Sofa by Opera Contemporary. It boasts a simplified and curved silhouette offset by subtle details such as the smooth metal base. Kathy is a perfect choice for those who want to create a relaxing environment without taking away from the luxury element. 

9. Cosy Sofa

Your living room's interior design relies not only on the sofas you choose but also on how you arrange them. The Cosy Sofa by Laskasas is a refreshingly retro two-seater that features smooth curves enveloped in velvet, and wooden legs tipped with copper for the subtlest glint. It adds a homely charm without consuming a lot of space and can be placed just about anywhere. 

10. Randa Sofa

The Randa Sofa by Collection Alexandra features a more intricate aura reminiscent of the Baroque style. The grey material is wrapped around a wooden structure and embellished with antiquated shades of gold or black as well as delicately ruched sidearms. It has a strong, luxurious impact and can be placed as the focal point of a living room against a simple backdrop. 

11. Neoz 3 Sofa

The Neoz Sofa by Driade ensures that the set up of your living room doesn't have to be permanent. Thanks to the quirky set of large wheels, these sofas are mobile and allow you to play with your imagination. The high backs create the effect of a ‘living nest’ and provide comfort with a glamorous twist. 

12. Marlon Sofa

The Marlon Collection by Gamma and Dandy features a range of bespoke sofas that come in a variety of sizes and combinations, putting your 'perfect arrangement fears to rest: If you're wondering how to arrange two sofas in the living room, how to create a conversation pit or how to incorporate a corner sofa, the Marlon Collection answers all these questions. The subtly tufted series can be upholstered from a selection of various materials and colours to ensure that your final purchase is tailor-made for your living room.  

13. Symphony Sofa

Contemporary sofas are all about showing you have style - but with a subtle grace. Muted elegance enhances a Zen, peaceful environment that is quite simply #livingroomgoals. The Symphony sofa by Cierre has such an uncomplicated profile that you almost miss the delicate detailing, such as the reclining back cushions, the sleek metal base and the buttery leather that steals the show. The best part is that you can choose from a variety of seven different types of armrests for the sofa.   

14. Opale Sofa

Opale Sofa by Bamax also follows the lines of contemporary elegance with its rustic walnut base and a smooth seat nestled along a cosy back. It blends seamlessly with living spaces while simultaneously showing off its unique personality.  

15. Wingback Copper Leg Hallingdal Sofa

The Wingback Sofa Copper Leg by Tom Dixon reinterprets the 17th-century wingbacks in a more contemporary fashion with elegantly sinuous forms sitting atop glorious copper legs. This wonderful juxtaposition allows the materials to truly shine through. 


These 15 sofas each convey a different story and fulfil a different aesthetic in your space. No matter what your taste, you're sure to find the one that fits your needs perfectly. They're united in our promise of high quality, attention to detail and durability, alongside their individual personalities. 

Pop into the FCI London showroom and let our award-winning design team wow you with options from our statement-making sofa collection.








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