Sofa Care & Maintenance Guide

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Sofa Care & Maintenance Guide

It may sound a little drastic but investing in a beautiful sofa is a life choice. A designer brand is going to involve a healthy infusion of money and for that, you should get decades worth of use. So in order to keep your sofa in top-notch condition and ensure that it lasts a lifetime, our team of experts have put together some useful sofa maintenance tips.

Caring for your sofa

Before we get into the nitty gritty of dealing with different upholstery types, here are 5 rules that apply to the care of any sofa.

1. Never expose your sofa to prolonged sunlight.

2. Keep it away from heaters.

3. Make sure that you undo all zips with the utmost care – they are usually not under warranty.

4. Keep your pets well away - sharp claws will do serious damage.

5. Refrain from letting your children jump on your sofa as the springs and will eventually collapse.

Fabric sofa care and maintenance

Regular fabric sofa maintenance will keep them looking fresh and new. Follow these basic practices.

• Check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

• Clean your sofa regularly with a soft brush or give it a light vacuum.

• If pilling (small bobbles on the surface) occurs, use a reputable 240v pilling machine to remove it.

• For accidental spills, blot the area with a clean, dry cloth immediately. Never use commercial detergents. Instead, clean it gently with some mildly soapy water and a microfibre cloth. Do not do any rubbing or you could make the stain worse. If you don’t succeed, call in professional cleaners right away.

• Have your sofa cleaned professionally once a year.

Sofa Care & Maintenance Guide
Sofa Care & Maintenance Guide


Leather sofa care and maintenance

Because leather is an animal biproduct, it is logical that each sofa will have a unique grain and colouring. Slight markings and creases are also common and add to the natural beauty of each piece. Stretching and softening will occur over time, making it increasingly more comfortable. Leather sofa care involves a few basic steps that can be followed weekly.

• Make sure the surface is free of dirt by dusting it with a dry microfibre cloth. You can also use a vacuum cleaner and soft brush attachment for those harder-to-reach areas.

• Dampen a cloth with distilled water and wipe the surface gently. Make sure you don’t soak the leather and never use detergents. Avoid sitting on it until it has completely air-dried.

• For minor spills, clean the area gently with a damp cloth. For major spills, contact a specialist leather upholstery cleaning company right away.

Velvet sofa care and maintenance

Velvet is known for its “nap” or raised surface which can look slightly crushed when new. This can be fixed by brushing it softly with a clothes brush. Over time, the crushed appearance may become permanent but it is part of the aging process and adds character to your sofa. Velvet sofa care requires the following routine.

• Gently brush it weekly or vacuum it using a special upholstery nozzle. If you don’t have one, wrap a stocking over your regular nozzle and proceed with care.

• Clean spills immediately – do not let them dry. If the spill is mild, you can try mixing a dab of dish soap with some water, spraying it onto a cotton towel and gently wiping the area. Then dry the patch using a hair dryer and a brush to help groom the velvet back into shape. If this fails, call a professional upholstery cleaning company at once.

• Do not get the velvet wet or it will ruin the nap.

Removable cover maintenance

Plumping up your cushions regularly is an absolute must. Not only does it help to maintain softness and comfort, but it also redistributes the feathers and keeps their appearance fresh and new. If you have reversable cushions, make sure you turn them weekly. It also helps to carefully unzip the cover and gently slide your arm inside to adjust the corners so that they align perfectly with the seams.

Sofa Care & Maintenance Guide
Sofa Care & Maintenance Guide


  Other sofa care tips

 Many modern sofas come with removable covers for easy maintenance. Even so, you should adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions before proceeding with any kind of washing or you may nullify the warranty. If you are able to hand or machine wash the covers, then it is advisable to do all of them at the same time. This will help to avoid creating any colour variations. If in doubt, take them to a professional.

Get sofa care advice at FCI London

Our expert team of interior designers are always available to give you advice and all the best tips. So pop into our showroom or make an appointment to have coffee and a chat with one of our designers about all things sofa.

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