FCI London X Anna Kosa

Artist Anna

We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with London-based artist, Anna Kosa, and excited to bring her uniquely positive artworks to the world of interiors.

Artist Anna Kosa works with bold colours and textures to create entrancing expressionist art with a positive message. Her splashes of colour have a vivid tale to tell. In her own words, “My work captures the feelings, mood states and process of emotional healing.”

The abstract layers represent the deeply emotional healing process that we humans go through and mirrors the complexity of our nature. Her artwork is as picturesque as it is deep; it explores Post Traumatic Growth, human psychology and the idea that there is always hope.

Anna paints these stories by taking inspiration from the elements and colours found in nature. Her paintings change throughout the day and look different from every angle, just like the sun as it moves through the sky.

Anna’s unique take on her art and her aim to bring comfort and a sense of peace during uncertain times has made her pieces widely sought after among both private and corporate clients. Her work has been featured in British Vogue, London Life & Tatler.

Brave Enough

Brave Enough

AT FCI, we fell in love with her message and decided to create a fusion of Anna’s paintings with functional interior pieces. Great art should never be limited to panels and canvases - it deserves to be integrated into our surroundings for an intimate influence.

We are collaborating with Anna on a series of luxurious rugs. Our flagship rug uses artwork from her Brave Enough Collection. These customised rugs create statement pieces that will lift your space and bring a sense of positive reflection to your room.

These rugs will become conversational pieces as they offer a sense of healing through their bold, meaningful strokes that acknowledge and represent our innermost feelings and turmoil and how we recover from them.

Electric Fire

This piece is part of Anna’s Brave Enough Collection, a series of paintings which invite you to share her personal journey and encourage you to positively reflect on your own experiences. Electric Fire is inspired by the impact of inner dialogue and how it’s important to have an empowering internal narrative when facing difficult situations. Anna says, “Overcoming adversity made me stronger, enabling me to tap into my inner strength and reignite my personal power.”

Electric Fire

Electric Fire Rug

Anna Kosa

Coming Soon

In the coming weeks, we will be adding more rugs from Anna’s other collections. Each rug comes in 3 standard sizes or you can request a custom size and we will send you a quote. Click on each item for a detailed description of the painting and place your order.

Anna can also create a custom piece to fit your interior requirements and colour palette.

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