With Ylos, it’s all about creativity that is mixed with innovative and revolutionary concepts. A chair, for example, can take on many forms, and the company makes sure every possibility is used in the design and workmanship. Suffice to say that every furniture piece produced is a functional work of art.

Ylos was founded by Constantine Gyllios in 1956 and started as a major producer of luxury chairs and tables. During the course of its growth, the company added other furniture pieces and structures of all types in its collection.

In 1983, Ylos broke through the international market when it undertook Theodore and St. Gyllios.

Today, the company ventured into design and in the development of interior and exterior decoration and equipment for the hospitality and retail industry.

Ylos Design and Production

Creativity is at the forefront of every creation, sometimes obvious and, at other times, subtle. The 744-230 Bench, for example, presents a striking contrast with the more traditional 741K-41 Bench. It resembles two individual seats combined together to make one bench. This gives the furniture piece individuality and unity at the same time.

Ylos uses a variety of materials and production processes but always remains sensitive and friendly to the environment. It boasts of cutting-edge designs and the level of craftsmanship that is nothing short of elegant and impressive.

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