With the goal to transform your idea about lighting, Vesoi brings to the world unique and delightful concepts of the seemingly necessary feature in the home, office, restaurant, and the like. There’s no way you can overlook the kind of lighting fixtures they offer, what with the level of workmanship that oozes high quality and functionality at the first glance.

Vesoi’s journey began in 1981 when tradition and industry came together. The company introduced its first product, Lucefan, for large-scale distribution between 1994 and 1995. It brought awareness to the brand in the Italian market and helped the company carve a piece of the pie.

1997 marked the beginning of the copyright series production, which was born out of the need to set a higher standard of quality. This leaves little doubt of the company’s capabilities and what they can achieve further on.

When the company opened its second production unit in the Venice area, north of Italy, it transformed itself from handicraft to an industrial firm, enabling it to combine tradition and technology seamlessly. With research added into the equation, production of lighting will never be the same.

Today, Vesoi is known for customising products based on the environment where it will be installed. This led to challenges that the company faced and overcame. To say they bring light to the industry is an understatement.

Vesoi Design and Production

With a passion for lighting and a commitment to preserve culture and tradition, Vesoi creates innovative fixtures and devices that showcase strong artisan matrix. The goal is simple, to achieve an excellent result with ethical sense. This is why only innovative materials and renewable sources are used, as a way of respecting men and their environment.

Developing new luminaire is often a result of observing trends and the process of creating a quality luminaire that also serves as a decorative element. This is why research for new sources is a major part of the entire production process. Vesoi only produces lighting products that define space, scenery, and rhythm.

Bearing the mark Made in Italy, expect every piece of Vesoi product to have exceptional quality worthy of the stamp.

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