Valore is the fastest growing manufacturer of the finest sofas in Italy. Proudly Italian-made, each piece showcases Italian passion, stunning designs, premium quality and exquisite craftsmanship.

The company was born out of the principle that less is more, and operates in the philosophy of “Return of the Essence”, which celebrates the basics of a well-designed sofa and mix it with innovation and superior workmanship.

With a factory in Matera, Italy, Valore specialises in sofa production, but also extends its expertise and talent to creating aesthetically pleasing and functional 3-piece sets, daybeds, sectionals, and sofa beds.

Valore Design and Production

Implementing a differentiation strategy of going back to basics and keeping things simple yet functional, Valore developed designs that are consistent yet exudes superior craftsmanship. This resulted in the company gaining a prominent position in the Italian furniture industry.

Valore specialises in hand-made sofas produced using ancient crafts and traditions combined with advanced technological innovation. Designs are always based on vibrant and modern ergonomics. The company maintains a flexible workforce in its headquarters in Matera.

Leather and Microfibre are the top materials used on the living room pieces. Comfort comes in the form of high-density foam and padding, which also adds a level of firmness that validates the belief that when Italians make sofas they turn them into orthopedic seating.

Part of Valore’s business success in both the local and international market is the use of “business to business” sales channel that, coupled with commercial marketing skills, led to significant sales potential.

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