An office doesn’t have to be rigid or too formal that it lacks the warmth that would make anyone feel welcome. Doing business and working can be a joy in the real sense of the word with office furniture that works as intended, but also makes the concept of living in the office quite a possibility. Oh you should leave the office and go home. But when it’s time to relax and take a breather, you should be able to do just that within the confines of your office.

With Uffix office furniture items, that’s exactly what you can enjoy. The company had foreseen an era when people spend more time in the workplace, glued to their workstation, than at home. Thus the need for cosy and ergonomic furniture products.

The Uffix History

1963 saw the start of Italian furniture company Uffix, recognising early on the need for office furnishings with human needs as a central element. Since then, they have created modern office furniture that exudes warmth and features European styles. They also provide contract furnishings for their loyal clientele.

Today, Uffix is a leader in office furniture production. Their office furnishings are known for their unparalleled quality and eco-friendly value.

The Uffix Craftsmanship

Uffix collaborate with talented and known designers worldwide, such as Drusso Associates, Mazzer, Pininfarina, and Michelle Sbrorgio, to develop styles that embody the concept of “living the office”. With a commitment to improve the cultural quality of a workplace, the company combines artisan tradition, uncompromising quality and new technologies to develop a line of office furnishings that offer lasting solutions. No short-term options where Uffix is concerned.

For this reason, the company has enjoyed worldwide recognition and awards. Their Luna and my-POD collection, for example, was bestowed the Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum.

Every item produced starts with a keen observation of the world around, allowing Uffix to design and develop office furnishings that suit a customer’s real needs. Apart from quality furniture, however, the company also wants to achieve a quality of life with humans and the environment taken into consideration. This is why Uffix only use materials that are sustainable and eco-compatible, and use them with the same level of eco-consciousness.

For Uffix, “the style of a product conveys its best also through its ‘ecological qualities’”. Apart from recycling, the company also recovers and reuses waste products. Their sustainable policy is also shared among designers, suppliers and employees. The result is a dynamic company that delivers on quality and sustainability.

Uffix offers a huge selection of office desks and executive desks made of high quality materials and features the latest innovations in modern workmanship and technology.

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