From its headquarters in Padova, Italy, Tonin Casa creates and supplies furniture that is impeccable in structure, with a stunning personality to boot. The company was established in 1975 by Italian entrepreneur Gianni Tonin.

The goal was simple – to create furniture pieces that are distinctive and made of the highest standards. Every piece is made in Italy, which leaves little doubt of its quality and craftsmanship.

Tonin Casa Design and Production

A collection’s style can range from traditional to contemporary, with every piece designed to add a sense of sophistication regardless of where it is placed. With an almost unlimited design options, Tonin Casa can deliver furnishing solutions that celebrate contemporary geometric designs at one time, and metallic frames in another.

Wood plays a vital role in all of the company’s collection, and there are three kinds of solid wood used – Ash Wood, Italian Oak, and Italian Walnut. Each type has different characteristics that are brought out by the skilled hands of artisans. Ash Wood, for instance, is extremely strong yet light and flexible. Italian Oak is extremely weather resistant, while Italian Walnut is valued for its dark brown or black grains.

Wood is then varnished. If any detailing is required, the company uses technology to make it happen – CO2 marker laser technology to create a burned-like effect and pantograph to reproduce different drawings on different materials.

Tonin Casa welcomes customisation, allowing clients to choose from a wide range of choices, including the type of wood to be used.

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