In most luxurious interiors, furniture items made in Italy are almost always present. There are only a few places in the world where you will see the craftsmanship that seamlessly combines old and new designs, or makes something new look vintage and classic, anyway.

You’ll find the same amazing qualities in Smania indoor and outdoor furniture. Whether you are looking for items for your garden or your living room, Smania has it all.

The Smania History

Alberto Smania founded Smania during the 60s. As an Air force captain and Fiat’s official Rally pilot, no one would have thought he would give up his wings in exchange for sandpaper. But in 1967, he conceived his first table. It was also this piece of furniture that revealed the brand’s soul, and provided the blueprint for what will be one of the leading furniture producers in the world.

In the 70s, Smania debuted on the local and international scene. First, in the Salone del Mobile di Milano. Second, when Alberto Smania’s creations made its way abroad from Padova. During these times, Rattan and Bamboo where the primary choice of materials, which made Smania furniture items exotic and colonial to international consumers, especially because they can be braided and entwined manually.

It was during the 80s when Smania adopted briar wood, such as elm, American walnut and myrtle. Because the company discovered how to turn refined finishes into art, they have a distinct advantage over the competition. During the 90s, Smania became even more popular when they introduced the flamed Wenge collection that showcases how metals can be joined with leather in the most ethnic and beautiful way.

Today, the company remains a reliable provider of creative and functional indoor and outdoor furniture. Its headquarters is located in Cazzago di Pianiga (VENEZIA).

The Smania Workmanship

Smania takes pride in its “the carpenter shop” characteristics that guarantee no furniture piece is completely machine-made. Even with the use of modern technologies, there are some areas in the production process that are only done by capable hands. Those that can stitch together wooden veneers, as if they were born to be wood tailors. This helps preserve Italian craftsmanship, while ensuring that every product is unique.

The one thing that showcases Smania’s amazing craftsmanship, however, is its use of burr walnut veneer, a precious and delicate part of the walnut tree that must be handled carefully and properly. To work with this material, a great amount of knowledge is required in choosing the best veneer sheets. It also demands expert skills to turn it into a beautiful furniture piece. Burr walnut, after all, is the haute couture of wood.

Smania offers the world a great collection of indoor and garden furniture items with the highest of quality. Whether a bookcase is made of myrtle or burr walnut, you are assured of its integrity and functionality. Smania is “Made in Italy”.

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