Siemens Home Appliances was founded by Werner von Siemens whom, together with Johann Georg Halske, started a company in 12 October 1847 that will become one of the leaders in power generation and industrial automation – Siemens & Halske, later to be known as Siemens AG. The company’s principal divisions are Energy, Healthcare, Industry, and Infrastructure & Cities.

Siemens Home Appliances operates based on von Siemens timeless vision of “Progress in the service of man”. With a long tradition of innovation, Siemens has set the standard in design and innovative technology in the market. They provided intelligent ways and visionary ideas that set the tone for the future of modern home appliances. Combined with German engineering, known the world over for its excellence and reliable performance, Siemens has become a global trusted brand.

Siemens Home Appliances offers its customers a range of home appliances with fascinating benefits. Not only are the products functional, but designed to meet the unusual and exciting opportunities that will come your way.

Siemens has several Specialist Stores that you can visit, where you can enjoy a more hands-on experience and gather more information about various Siemens appliances, helping you make a well-informed buying decision. Choose from a wide range of built-in and freestanding home appliances that will suit your home and lifestyle.

At the Specialist Stores, you can see outstanding kitchen designs, premium display positioning, and live cooking appliance demonstrations.

The Siemens brand is made “for a life less ordinary”.

Siemens Expertise

Since 1847, Siemens engineers have their eyes on the future of home appliances. This means exploring all the possibilities of German engineering, resulting in excellent innovation.

For Siemens, design is a language of progress and its Chief Designer Gerhard Nüssler is mastering this language. Each home appliance is a representation of the urban way of living. It serves as inspiration for living spaces that are innovative and creative in terms of design.

Siemens Products

Siemens’ home appliances range from cooking to cleaning equipment, and each of these products tells a story and has a history that led to an innovative future.

Siemens started the first electric kitchen HK 397 in 1916. This initiated an era of innovative technology in the kitchen and laid down the foundation for the level of comfort people of today now enjoy.

In 1984, Siemens developed home appliances that talked, and people were talking about them with excitement. The pioneering technology used in manufacturing these products sealed the vital role of home appliances – as part of a modern lifestyle.

As time progressed, more innovative technology was integrated with different home appliances.

i-Dos, an automated system added to Siemens washing machines, automatically measures the exact amount of liquid detergent needed for every laundry cycle. This eliminates the need to measure and fill the container for each wash.

iSensoric technology, an intelligent and intuitive sensor technology, was integrated to the new line of Siemens iSensoric washing machines that are designed to prolong the life of outdoor wear, from ski suits to waterproofs. This takes the guesswork out of doing the laundry.

Siemens Home Appliances continues to develop innovative and intuitive home appliances.

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