It's not often that you hear of a design company from Switzerland, but that's what White Oak is: a dedicated, pure, and modern take on how to bring simplicity to the market. White Oak's furniture, as the name of the brand might suggest, is all about knowing how to find perfection in working with wooden materials. White Oak is a unique company in the sense that they craft every single product they ship to eventual customers by hand, which means that every single wooden hint will be different for all customers worldwide, no matter how much the process of producing such details may be similar in terms of actual technique.

White Oak's website outlines this very well by providing a statement that talks volumes about how the company likes to engage with their customer base: "The luxury of giving people time to make something with their own hands has a wonderful effect that cannot be expressed in money, but rather in sustainable crafting. This gives things a soul on top of a purpose." This is a powerful statement that looks at the underlying philosophy behind White Oak's work.

White Oak

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