Glamm Fire makes exclusive fireplaces that are good-looking, practical, and simple to use. Efficiency and differentiation are the driving forces behind this endeavour and the people that work at Glamm Fire are the ones who constantly strive to better themselves by creating pieces that wouldn't otherwise it make it to the market any other way. Glamm Fire is a pioneer in Portuguese design; the company was founded in 2008, so it's still a relatively young business, but the impact they've had is truly remarkable.

They've won many awards over the years, including a Mobis award. Their products speak for themselves thanks to the extremely beautiful and original way in which they are built. These are very eccentric, top of the line fireplaces that are very sophisticated, bridging the gap between ordinary design and luxury pieces. Smaller units can be used throughout many living spaces like lounges and hallways while bigger units are perfect for traditional living rooms. The dark colour schemes are representative of a strong design language that focuses on performance and efficiency. These aren't just fireplaces after all, they are fireplaces that can truly warm up an entire room, no matter how big it might be.

Glamm Fire

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