Brian Yates is a well-established company that found success in a niche of wall covering that weren't available in the UK 30 years ago. Now, Brian Yates offers worldwide service and great technology improvements to show that this niche could definitely grow into something much more successful than it has been in the past. The headquarters are located at the tip of The English Lakes in England and they are the place where every single wall covering is manufactured.

Brian Yates strives to reach for superb customer care, meaning that they won't just serve you great coverings for your walls, they will also make sure that you are happy with what you've already bought and that you will trust the company in the long-term. This is very important, especially in modern times, where customers are needier than ever before, since options are available pretty much everywhere now, meaning that competition is fierce and sometimes ruthless in their actions. Brian Yates makes sure that you are treated the way you would a family member or friend to treat you, with great one-on-one customer support and insight on what type of covering might fit one's needs best.

Brian Yates

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