Bensen is another great Italian company that was founded in 2010. They mainly focus on the manufacturing of new products following a philosophy that encourages simplicity and honesty. The company claims that great design and high quality products should have a matching price tag. Niel Bendtsen is the founder of the company and he wanted to offer timeless pieces for every room: bedroom, living room, dining room. Minimal aesthetic is applied here with fine attention to detail. This company is unique because it mixes Scandinavian design with Italian know-how, creating something that's nowhere to be found on the market.

Quality is a curious concept for Bensen; they think that it shouldn't only be linked to the expertise of the artisans, but also to the design approach. Providing quality products for them means that every single step of the process has to be streamlined and rendered useful, economical, and achievable. Bensen makes use of a lot of colour in their designg, but when they do, there's always some contrasting piece that's either black, grey, or white. For every two colorfoul products you can find one that's more in line with a traditional colour scheme and although the colours are quite vibrant, they never become tacky. Overall, Bensen is a great company that focuses on a good-natured philosophy for design pieces.


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