Schonbek is one of the leading innovators in the crystal lighting industry and has held that reputation for more than 140 years. It was founded by Adolph Schonbek in 1870 after he left his grandfather's glassworks.

Before it was known as simply Schonbek, the company started out as A. Schonbek & Co with a focus on creating the finest crystal chandeliers. Because he started his company at the height of candlelight and romance, his business shot into international success.

People who can afford it wanted nothing less than an ornate crystal chandelier from Schonbek. The company became even more popular when the Queen's agent in London and the White House ordered a crystal for the Buckingham Palace and the White House, respectively.

The brand's iconic logo is also proof of its widespread success and fame, as it was a personal crest that the former emperor of Austria, Franz Joseph I of the Habsburg Court, awarded to Schonbek.

Schonbek provides clients with world class lighting in artisan styles and a distinctive custom look. It comes in a wide range of crystal grades and finishes. Each piece showcases craftsmanship with versatile designs, and superior quality that will last for generations.

When it comes to crystal chandeliers, choose nothing less than Schonbek.

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