One of the most luxurious brands of wallpaper, Romo Wallpapers brings to any space elegant designs in vibrant colours and patterns. Oozing with sophistication, their products are often perceived as expensive but are not. With the level of quality and workmanship exerted on every roll, every sheet is a worthy investment.

Romo comes from the name of its founder Robert Mould, who started the company in 1902. It is based in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, UK, with offices in London, Cleveland, Ohio, Munich, and The Netherlands.

In the 1980s, the company established its own in-house design studio. Growing steadily and continuously, Romo Wallpapers has established itself as a leader in the designer fabrics and wallcoverings market.

The company is now part of The Romo Group.

Romo Wallpapers Design and Production

Romo Wallpapers has been known for its huge assorted library of wallcoverings with designs in classic, contemporary, and versatile plains. The diverse and timeless styles are enriched by a colour palette that is nothing short of sophisticated.

The brand is founded on distinctive British design and generations of experience, making it an expert in fabrics and wallcoverings. Creativity, design, and development all happen in the studio, where colour and fabric charts, paintings and sketches are found. They serve as a source of inspiration, helping designers discover and develop new ideas.

Research is very much a part of the design process. Combined with an array of influences, from fashion to nature, Romo Wallpapers are able to launch collections twice a year through a network of agents, designers, distributors and retailers.

Romo Wallpapers is recognised in over 70 countries.

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