Interior design is all about making the right choices, from the furniture to the wallpaper. The right colour can make a huge difference. The right pattern can transform a space into something wonderful, warm and welcoming. Add to this furniture pieces that are comfortable, functional and beautiful, and you create a home, or an ambience that would make you want to stay within a particular space for as long as possible. Well, Prestigious Textiles, or simply Prestigious, can definitely help where fabrics and wallpapers are concerned.

The Prestigious History

Prestigious was founded in 1988 by Trevor Helliwell in Bingley. With fabric in the midst of it all, the company produced curtains, roman blinds, roller blinds, and upholstery fabrics. It also extended its products and services to wallcoverings, window dressing, décor accessories and soft furnishings.

Today, Prestigious has moved its headquarters in Bradford, but it still stays true to its commitment to provide products with uncompromising quality. Although the focus traditionally remains on curtain fabrics, Prestigious delivers the same level of quality on other products and services.

The Prestigious Craftsmanship

Since it was founded in 1988, Prestigious has become a trusted source of original fabrics worldwide, providing clients cut lengths and piece goods. Their facility is considered the most advanced of its type in Europe. With the advantage of having access to major international transport routes, they are able to deliver fabrics accordingly and on time. Prestigious also creates amazing and bold wallpapers, which led to more success. This required a dedicated warehouse for their wallpapers, in order to meet the increasing demands.

To an interior designer, Prestigious’ wallpaper warehouse is like a dreamland, where all the company’s current collections can be found. Two collections are launched each year, which showcase a kaleidoscope of colours, design and substrates. They’re also reflective of the various techniques used in their production, which is centred on innovation and beautiful design.

The company has an in-house design team that is responsible for some of its award-winning creations. And why not? After all, Prestigious strives to be a leader in design.

The company has an amazing portfolio of wallpapers, including vinyl that is specifically designed for effortless and convenient paste-the-wall application. Prestigious boasts of a new generation of wallpapers with designs that can blend with any décor and colour scheme.

Choose from vibrant florals, mural-like designs, funky geometrics, aged and vintage look, or even those that have tactile characteristics. Simply put, Prestigious has anything and everything wallpaper.

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